Magpul Zhukov Furniture Review + Accessories

good evening y'all are you doing it slowCody from the 118 cow I'm gonna give youa quick review on this Magpul furniturewhat you see in here is the zhukov 8khandguard the extended handguard hereyou also see in the Zhukov s stock whichis a collapsible stock and it also foldson the sidewell this has been a fun project overallI started it back in 2014 those are youknow Magpul though they've been aroundsince 2007 I've been using Magpul since2011 you know I've always been verysuccessful with their products thisright here has installed on a Wasser youknow those are you know washers man youcan beat them up this was just a funproject here and honestly a lot of theseparts on this ross are really notoriginalwhat we gonna do right here remove themagazine show you the chamber is empty[Music]now that the chamber is empty this rifleis now safe to be handled we cancontinue talking about this Magpulfurniture again this install was done ona GP was--or 1063 guys I don't want youto discourage yourself if you do chooseto install the long handguard you doknow you have to remove the retainerpiece and it is a piece of cake andthose of you who are worried you mightregret going along with the installationand might want to go back but you canafter the retainer pieces remove you'renot going to want to go back believe meguys I'm the most indecisive person inthe world this is going to improve yourride for 100% it has improved my ridefor 100% Magpul is very durable I mean Itake this thing out on a regular I meanI travel with it I take it out to thefarm I take it out in the woods I shootthis thing every day and honestly manthis thing just holds up so let's talkabout the grip we have here we have an Mblock m VG which is just the verticalgrip you know it's very easy to installyou can do it and shoot a matter ofmaybe two three minutes it's got somestippling on here if you'd like to checkit out and the stippling is very nice Imean it's kind of hard to see throughthe camera but I did stipple myhandguard here just myself or just my myhandle rather and you know I mean it'svery comparable and you know like I saidMagpul holds up man I mean this stuff isvery tough it's very comfortable I haveno problems with it whatsoever I meanI've had it for over four years now I'mjust finally doing a review here's someother things I've installed I'veinstalled the Magpul pair clip thisthing is gonna run you about sixteendollars that's what it ran Mediatebefore taxI don't want nothing fancy I mean I gotthe whole you know Russian sling hereyou know that that does me good on theback here though I did get this slingmount kit I can show you guys how to dothat in the next video but you canchange the position of your QD mountwhich is very nice tooyou know if you're a little picky likeme you want to change things up a bitlet's go ahead and show you how this Istock workspush the button there and it will lockin and that bolts gonna move freely it'snot gonna be no obstruction whatsoeverI didn't even install the gas to cover Ikept this one this is from a Bulgarianstill in the box but it is a very niceone I just like this one a little bitbetter for some reason even my dustcovers from a Bulgarian ak74 like I saidguys this a K right here I mean most ofthe parts on it or not the original butoverall Magpul man I mean very very veryhappy with everything that they'vesupplied me with so far I've used themsince 2011 guys everything's held upthis install is done over 4 years ago Iknow I'm getting around to doing thesevideos a little bit late but I will behappy to do an install video for you thenext time I have to strip her down andcleaners again guys this install wasvery easy I mean I didn't even need anytools whatsoever they supply you with anallen wrench and really all I used was apair of channellocksand a grinder the grinder to remove theretainer piece and a grinder to breakthe weld where I had a thread protectorand the channel locks were really justto wiggle the retainer piece off becauseit was hot and then I kind of grip onthe thread protector to remove that aswell other than that everything was donewith an allen wrench I don't know whatyou guys do for a living but I'm aplumber and if you do labor for a livingyou'll find that this install is goingto be very easy for you it's really justgrip strength if you operate in ak74 oran ak-47 we're tough people I mean youguys can handle this install over allthumbs up to Magpul like I said guysI've been very successful with theirproduct since 2011aka owners if you are interested in anextended handguard this is the productto get right here zhukov AKA hand guardby mag pole[Music][Music]

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💥 Magpul Zhukov-S Stock

💥 Magpul Paraclip

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💥 Magpul sling kit

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