Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke, owners of Madcap Cottage, walk us through their spring 2019 showroom.


ELLEN GEFEN: @ellengefen

Video Production By Gefen Productions:

I’m Jason Oliver Nixon. I’m John Lucky. We’re the gents behind madcap cottage. Newport cottages is based in California, is amazing company, specializes in kids, second home furniture, all made in California. Low voc paints, totally customizable. You can really do anything with it. And it’s an eight week turnaround. It’s for the customer who really wants to create a personal interior. And we’re seeing so much about that online in the media, you know, wanting to create spaces that really feel like us. And this product really lets you do that. You can do anything with a Newport cottages line. You can change all your paint colors, you can match a color, you can switch out your hardware, you can bring custom hardware to the table. So they can really do really pretty much anything. And again, it’s made in California. So because it’s made in California, you can basically eat the furniture, right? Each collection has a palette of standard finishes. So there’s stains, there’s your basic grays, whites kind of blues, primary colors. But then you can have any paint color you want, so you can send them paint ship and they can match it.

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