[Music]hey guys I made a three-panel tablemirror this was really easy to make andI love the way it turned out here aresome pictures that inspired me[Music]so now let's go ahead and get startedwith the project this is a mirror that Igot from the Dollar Tree and I'm gonnabe detaching the mirror from the framenow for this project I'm gonna be usingtwo of this mirrors and one elbow mirrorthat I had at home this is a leftoverword that I've had for a while now I'mgonna cut it to the measurements thatI'll be needing for the project I'll beusing this cut out squares to glue themirrors on top of him including the ovalmirror I drew lines that a few inchesaway from the mirror on both sides atthe top this is foot and it's still thinand it's got a curved line so instead ofusing a handsaw for cutting I'm gonna beusing a pair of scissors[Music][Applause]I put two boards here because I'm gonnabe working with glue and I don't wantthe glue dripping on the floor these arethe kind of hinges of the sell atWalmart and I decided to go for thebigger onethis is how the hinges are gonna beattached to the wood using a hot gluegun and in e6000 glue[Music][Applause][Music]if you're new to my channel it's sogreat to have you here now don't forgetto click on the subscribe button andthat notification bell say don't missout on any of my latest videos thehinges come to in a pack but this is notgonna be enough so I got another pack soI'm gonna be gluing the hinges under thefirst set of hinges the next thing I'lldo is to glue on all the mirrors to allthree boards[Music]avocado my mirror was egg tiles intosingular strips and gluing them aroundthe edges for all the mirrors[Music]when I got here I decided to just fillup the remaining space at the powderI thought I would leave the hinges theway they are with the golden color butthen I changed my mind at the lastminute and decide to spray paintedsilver the open spaces you see aroundhere are gonna be covered with gems Ihad to remove some pieces of the mirrormosaic tiles at the bottom and thencovered up the spaces that are showingso much with gems as I was doing this Imade sure that the gems were notobstructing the hinges I caught thisplace from the Dollar Tree and they comesix in the pack and I'll be making useof just two plates I'll be making use ofjust the silver plated area thatreflects like a mirror[Music]I'll be making a design with thesecutouts on the mirror[Music][Applause]before I continue I'm gonna use to craftsticks and cover them with mirrorreflective paper[Music][Music]I'll be gluing the top and bottom ofthese craft sticks just to make surethat the craft sticks and the mirrorreflects of papers tape together whileused in the design I made three of themand it's how I glue them to the mirrorsand then I continue to make the patternwith the cutout plate[Music]now at the top here in the middle I'llglue this oval mirror that I had at home[Music]these cutout pieces going to be glued tothe Oval mirror alone so that the panelby the side can still move[Music]I repeated the same thing to the otherside by gluing the cutout piece to themirror alone this is a Christmasornament that I've had at hell and I'llbe separating the pieces to use them toadd to the design[Music]for a more floral look I'll be usingmolded roses that I made and a fulltutorial video for this will be in thedescription box below I spray-paintedthem silver and I'll be using some ofthe roses to add to the design here I'madding more of the cutout plates to thedesign in the middle I'm gonna glue boththe designs that's at the top and thewarm that I just added now togetherbecause they're both in the middle thisis also to make sure that the panel's bythe side can still move freely I forgotto mention that apart from the middle Ialso put the mobile two roses here inhere this is what it looks like when Ilet it stand and now to avoid scratchesI'll be using wooden beads and scrapingto them silver and gluing them at thebottom[Music][Applause][Music][Applause]after I was done with this I turned itto the back now this is what it lookslike and then I added a strong adhesiveto the beads to make sure that theyremained sturdy at the bottom and thisis how my three panel table mirrorturned out[Music][Applause][Music]now if you want something similar tothis on a larger scale there's a flowmirror that I made and the link to thisvideo will be in the description boxbelowthis was a simple and inexpensive DIYand can customize this design to win hisstyle of your choice[Music]I hope you guys liked this idea of athree-panel table mirror and remember tolike and share this video with yourfriends and family thank you so much forwatching I have other videos linked inthe description box below to check themout and don't forget to click on thesubscribe button[Music]

This is a Diy Video on How To Get a Luxury Looking Table Mirror Decor For Less! I used Regular Items To make the 3 Panel Mirror for the Bedroom. This 2019 Bedroom Decor is used on Tables in Bedrooms and it is a Unique Home Decorating idea made on a Budget by Using most of the Items I already have at Home. It is a Quick and Easy 2019 Decorating idea for Craft Lovers and a Home Decor idea that adds Uniqueness to the overall Decor in the Home. It is also an Easy Way to Create a Statement Piece for the Bedroom Using Items you already have.

This is an Inexpensive yet sophisticated Diy that Shows Style and Elegance that is personalized on a Budget.

The key words”Cheap, Quick and Easy are words I keep in mind when Creating a Decor piece for the home.

Moulded Rose Diy:

Diy Floor Mirror:

Diy Table used in the video:

Here are the items used:
Mirror Mosaic Tiles:
Reflective Mirror paper:
Left over wood
One small Oval Mirror
One Large Oval Mirror
2 mirrors from the Dollar Tree
Salad plates from the Dollar Tree

Large Hinges
Christmas Ornament
Wooden balls
Craft sticks
Silver spray paint
E6000 glue

Glue gun and glue sticks(I already had them at home)
This video shows hidden potentials little items can have and how to use them for decorating.

The floor I got recently for my craft area:

Below are DIY Projects I compiled into Playlists For Different Categories:

DIY Wall Art Decor:

DIY Mirror:

Craft Ideas:

Wall Decor with Lighting:

DIY Dollar Tree Room Decor Crafts On a Budget:

Cheap DIY Center Pieces:

Diy Headboards:

Glam Lightings:

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