Kid's Room 

Looking At a messy room and runing drone kids

I'm doing it yet hey guys okay look atthis best look at this man look at allthese shoes look at all these toys leavethis battery No okay let's go do I knowit's her room this is it's her roomsee look look at that kid okay let's gofun let's go find their hiding spotlet's go find their hiding spot Oh wayto get downstairslet's go let's go here everyone awesomecool we're going downstairs[Music]up the stairs that's it that is it thatis one single bityou better not Russell[Music]sorry[Music]yeah you have to walk away if you don'twant to play walk away what no one didbecause all this much beforeit wasn't I work out I work out sureyeah I know I'll take a break for so yaknow worked out yeahGrady no that's it Liam Brady caucus IBrady's let's work out yeah you seelet's just go over and do push-ups and[Music]

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