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[Music][Music][Music]a world-famous flea market here you willsee the best of the worst inprofessional wrestling together withincredible commentary by theworld-famous hot Johnny August and RossI'm drunk Vegas if you are offended bythe fact that you were featured on theshow we suggest you grow a set of ballsquit crying like a little bitch this isyour wake-up callyou suck if you are one of these poorbastards that were dumb enough to puttheir match on the Internet thank youotherwise sit back and enjoy the show[Music]all right we're back at hmm Chris CatalaFB PW Portman's it's called boilingpoint wrestling's I'm at my fuckingboiling point with these fucking hundredand ten pounders that's about what thiskid is holy crapseriously it's not a girl yeah hmm lookslike dude looks like spider-manholy fuck it is spider-man versusAnchors Away of course you know there'scertain people they feel they can takeshortcuts and whatnot and when they dothat yeah they really don't know how toget gear or boats right anything likethat then all they get on the internetthey find these little places but otherones they go to Walmart or they go tothe army surplus store just looks likeit's someone's living room almost andthat's what these two fucking douchecanoes did right here they went to thearmy surplus store and got matchinggimmicks these thing they can do is callthemselves though what the anchorsaweigh so now wait there's a heals howdoes that fucking work if you're us agimmick soon you'd be a baby well you'rethinking no I went to Afghanistan Ifought for this country and I got backif you spit my face I hate you oh so thegimmick is they both have PTSD yes gotit okay or they got disarmed Leedischarged right Don't Ask Don't TellDon't Ask Don't Tell got it so it's verypossible look that so anyways I'd ratherstick around and see you the bingo uh ofcourse coming in hot yeah I would youreally fall down if two people thatwould combined weighed 150 pounds I wasjust thinking that what's the combinedweight of those other guys holy jesusJesus there's a bowling ball what is itninja turtle trunk listen right nowunderoos maybe you can't be of the ageof 18 and be that skinny not even at 18I mean look he barely knocked him downand there see what they were trying towork but in a beating fuckingcome down he's got shoulder pads is likelike fake muscles that's like the gayversion of spider-man kinda isn't it Imean it's Peter Parker yes and it'sserious and this guy's I don't knowthose aren't trunks those have to beunder it I can't even look at this kidI really can't without feeling like I'mgonna get in trouble from the FBI or Ifeel like you're gonna get your computertaken away from you here buddy oh I'mseriousI mean if you like you don't I mean Imean today yeah this is getting a littlebit weird yeah a lot of weird not tomention he's a spot monkey so I meanyeah give it up yay yay I'm actually 120pounds so for some reason I actually gotthis guy to do this shit for me yay I'mI don't know but I'm I don't usually getuncomfortable but I kind of am wellthere's a really good reason there'sreally good reason you're feeling acomprehension with Dateline NBC at leastbig anchors aweigh guy didn't didn'tbump on that no one was Mexican but he'swearing shoulder pads and he's gettingoh look at that Wowsomething tells me that was called theback no way hey I've been in a streetfight where did that I jump up adumpster sprung back hooked him fuckingJackie Chanyeah all right that doesn't make anygoddamn sense either well neither's isoutfit nope here we go againapparently it's triple fuckin BroncoBuster Knight but o into a I'm confusedmmmcouldn't you just whipped him into hissuperkick sure sure okay but what funwould that be with your wrestling team ateenage Ninja Turtle underoos yeah wellhe just kicked him in the dick he gotthose in the mail okay he got hecollected so many bottles tops oh yeahcereal to where he getting into turtleunder roof now and then someone eitherforced him to do this or I'm ChrisHansen with Dateline delusional andthinks that he can be a wrestlerweighing a hundredin one pound you think this is like aschool project for a seventh gradesocial studies class it might be okayI've seen a hundred one pounds cuzthat's on my sheet so if I was guessingwith professional wrestling and I how Iknow it is anyone time for about ninetyone pound got it whoa Wow yeah well wegot a bird chest that's actually gonnahurt ya you know crack of murder brainis back do this kid would break afucking rib sneezing all right probablyI mean fuck come on let's go upstairs ifto the hospital spade a spade all rightit's one thing you know it's this thisis a bad Sally Struthers commercial okayyou're not opposed to beat up on thekids for a dollar 29 a day you'resupposed to give a dollar 29 a day soyou can feed little poor little bastardslike this one will see that maybe that'sit maybe his payouts gonna be a steak orsome protein they highly doubt it lookat him I mean it's his first match younever know okay you're right this couldbe his first match and hopefully theydidn't say hey kid I'm gonna do you afavor it's not your big break oh I'mgoing over I'm going over it no I'mgonna buy you a steak dinner you littleskinny fuck or eat you sneaking potatoeswhat's that oh so I think Ninja TurtlesChris Cadillac yeah well and the otherguy would be Ryan kid to do Ryan kidthey did what two DS that's right yeahthat's how you pronounce kids rightthere's Jason Kidd yeah and Jason Kidddid today rightso I mean you get that right it's Billythe Kid and Jason Kidd - yeahcuz he's that much BB double bad yeahdouble d double bad unfortunately thisguy doesn't have double D that'sprobably gonna kill will fuck like thismmm oh that well and then that's thedeath of this kid oh my god please don'tno no pleasegood what'd he do I don't know was thatsomething he just decided to do and thenrealize halfway through I don't knowwhat I'm doing these Anchors Away guyskind of yeah this kid kicks out yo itwhy notum maybe nope just maybe because he's a14 year old girl rightI'm Krystina can make a finethe reasons why he doesn't kick out butapparently oh wait a minutewell his balls have a drop that was myquestion to getting you if you have auterus the hell if you have a uterus ohfuck never seen that move before if youhave a uterus with that hurt mm-hmmI don't know we're gonna have to get acommit coming we're going to get a womanguest commentator well I've never seen aman men straight before but I'm prettysure this kid they just do this dropkick yeah menstruated so yeah old enoughto minister yes that's called cue pointgood point you're right apparently theFederation likes yeah young teenage I'mChris Hansen with Dateline NBC he diddouble stomp his arm i dick he doublestomp the mat and there's the armaltogether but we won't get we'll getthe details we'll have to do that yeahthat don't be specific yeahthey'll just change the camera anglechange the camera angle what I alwayslove that oneI mean that's I was thinking he's doingtelly Blanchard why would you what wemight as well keep it keep it in youknow Randy Orton or whoever the fuckdoes that I don't either I was guessingweasel do yeah here we gojust fucking destroy him please Icouldn't imagine I couldn't imaginearound my home the Lord first of all thecat mean I've said a lot of derogatorythings to this hermaphrodite down heremm-hmmbut that little kid does not deservewhat you just fucking dead to him rightthere and I hope that fucking hurt youstupid pile of shit Wow so I kicked inthe fucking ear I tell fucking DavidBowie down there to get up and fuckingkick the fucking jaw off fuckingsergeant slaughter over here know whatZiggy's are just doing oh and we're notdone we're not done hmm Mexicanspider-man is pissed I didn't know whatspider is in Spanish but this that'swhat grab it again come back no you comerunning no miss nope Oh boots the facetwo of them nice Jamie Lee Curtis kickedthe crap out of that kid he's Matthew ohlook at that jump fives realyeah yeah you know why no cuz that'strippyOprah babyface oh we got it theseeffectuation with the wrong people onthat well if you were you know there yougo you're dead that's okaydon't if this kid kicks out I'll neverdo another one of these again all rightI'm not talking about Mexican spider-manI'm talking about Jamie Lee Curtis downhere Jamie Lee Curtis is done what sortof saying if he kicks out from thathe-she yeah hehe I like she samedifference okayI mean these anchors aweigh guys oneboiling point wrestling you know I'mkind of with you I'm at my boiling pointcuz these guys are like a combinedweight of one of these other anchorsaweigh dudes Oh someone just told meit's called bull poop wrestling oh theycouldn't get s someone alreadytrademarked BSW oh they don't know thiswhen to pull poop yeah not bullshit comeon what the fuckin it in the front rowthat's what I'm saying he's next ohlet's make a deal Oh Aphroditewell that - got it - that's alreadytaken - it is that name yeah okay anywaythat was fucking terrible shame onwhatever promotion I was to go get the14 year old hermaphrodite girls fromseventh grade and now I gotta take ashower thanks you fuck god damn it I'mChris Hansen with Dateline NBC[Music][Music]don't forget every Tuesday at noon catcha new episode of the world famous fleamarket[Music][Music]I gotta give it to the promoter this hasto be a fuckin rib on these two guysyeah two dudes don't wear shoessometimes it's the thumb tag match yeahnow that you know I'm saying I'll givethe benefit of the doubt this is a railit's got it's gotta be a rib you know[Music][Applause][Music][Music]

This week Chris Kadilak and Ryan Kidd wrestle in their ninja turtle underwear wrestle two guys who were dishonorably discharged from the Navy.

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