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Living room tour

good morning welcome back to our ChannelAJ would you want a living room tourwait what do they have to share for mesorry my news is it's your name so shegave a room done comment down belowwhat color do you think is gonna getdone right here so this year there'sstripesthere's blue stripes but what color doyou think this is gonna be with the bluehe's not doing that he think he's gonnasee if he can do the whole Britt paintsit get the whole room paint it look howbeautiful that iswe could just stand in that uh we couldjust stand there for an intro we knowlike whenever always say good morninglook up beautiful that is that's ourinterest their water shaking right nowthis one's funny that one is rocket andthat's the end of my sweetheart and thenthat one and this one and that one backthere for the other one so roses andmine she's the pink one where one isrocketed Joanna's the purple one is ourmom's name sweetheart the orange one isour dogsand the yellow one is our dead andthat's our dog she sleep no wait oh ohyeah we're opposed to be doing a littlerepair know every what's that greenstuff I don't knowyou're happy here I have like a littlecarrot there's only like there's onlythree that there's only three that I canput on it okay well we don't need to beshown the little stuff we just have toshower couchso you're the TV like wild oh this was awhile ago and that was Easter we're outof mom's house and then here we justhave like a like a game thing and thenwe have like we have kirby mario onmario 3 mario rabbits rabbit hey yeahrub itRabbids Kirby hard to show them Kirbysuper mario you gotta see myand more air Mario Kart that's like aten--that Sarah TenderfootTendo switches $400 guys you can nolonger on the ground and blue and blueflowers like it I don't know why beesare over there look guys I'm twinningwe're turning and here's a really dothat's it guys that is it with ourliving room tour oh there's also thatBram Kelly yeah Sasha bunny yep so guysthat is it with our room tour the girllittle face it's so cuteoh she's so cute I love her guys that isit with our vlog today I hope youenjoyed if you did and then subscribe toour Channel and I'll leave a like andI'll give you three seconds to labeltill like this videothree two one done if you didn't do itif you did do it coming up comment downbelow I will be Brookline I am I'll giveyou five seconds to subscribe five fourthree two one done yeah you have to bequick okay that's the end with a video


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