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Living room tour is here!

hey wouldn't welcome back to my troubleif you wonder in why I'm in a fireplacefireplace a mirror is because we don'thave a mirror in our living room and I'mdoing and living room tall yes that'sright and so basically I can I'm gonnado a house tour very very soonbut for now I'm just gonna do a livingroom tour so you can get the idea of theliving room and I just really wanted todo a living room tour so let's get intoit and if you haven't already subscribedand turned on my personification andbecome a part of the beach god oh yeahguys I changed from memory squad to besquad so yeah join the beauty squadlet's get started so over here firstlet's get my point stick over here firstwe have the window which is very verypretty it's got this like huge ornamentson it we have some nice curtains andthen here is the cow just over a 30whatever you want to call it and this isa super super comfortable sofa and Ithink we got that from I'm not quitesure but I will link in the descriptiondown below I think we've got these fromhome bargains so yeah there was superfun but there's lots of that really goodthen here we have the glass table withthis tube pretty on anuman bowl and ifyou under a not why I'm using them inthere wonder if I'm using this thing isit is because and I just really liked itand I didn't want doing this for you soand if you own them like this color andthis like thing I would personally neverget this but it was the only one leftand I've been watching more for yearsbecause every teacher in my school haswanna be a really really so yeah thereis this sooo property ornament Bowl andover here we have a stacker or radio Ido auto Carla and here we have a cardthat my auntie Larry Sanders fromBradford then here we have l.j at hatehate is for my dad Harry J is for my momJane and then L is for my is for alwaysmy auntie Louise and and they are likeholders kind of things and then here wehave a game and trade you can also playmusic and then this was on the otherside and one at the bottom of such areally cool game which are then we havehere the most beautiful one turn I'veever seen in my life and it's just it'sreally pretty tall that is all right nowcan I get back in the room even thoughit's so bright outside but here if yousit on the gaming chair if you lookunder the game it does sorry about thethree things then up here we have one ofthese lamps that's really cutethen we have a picture of my mom whenshe was baby she was so cute then apicture of me when I was a little girland now we have a lantern right to wherethen over here we have this picture ofmy Nana and granddad it's just this Ithink this is New York I'm not quitesure what it is but I'm pretty sure it'sNew York and what it sees and everythingand then I have this little save hereand it says love it makes this house forher so I think that's really sweet andcute then moving over along we haveanother picture of mebasically it's the same as that one overthere but just a bigger version therewe have this city so far and which Ihave been sitting longer so sorry it's abit of a mess but it's usually like thisand as I'm just putting it right andlike this obviously bit neaterespecially I love this chat it's like apack of biscuits I've eaten then here wehave the doll and over here we have theother window with this really you putfire on it it's really cute and also wehave a Wi-Fi plus the box then here isthe couch we have some super sparklypretty cushions and these are also fromhome bargains I think there were likefour pounds apiece really really goodand then here we have some extremelysoft cushions and there and also webought eggs cushion from home bagging aswell her mind is not sponsors in thisvideo it's just really really combinesthen we have a TV if you can see thatand then I was playing placehi guys so on that fireplace we havethis cute little ornament flower littlething and then we have these three darkglasses which I think are really humanhave a dark brown and light bar and acreamish Bailey white and then we haveat least gonna tell you about on herethat I can just I can just put on hereit is are so so cute see that it's eardid come off sorry about thatsorry let me then here I just have thisall ofwith practically microtones Corinne Jakeso we take me and my mom and my auntit'll breathe and then we have this thatI got my mom and it says mom there's nobest friend menu and I thought it wasreally cute and really special and thenI got this teddyI think yeah I want this teddy for momthis is just a little teddy bear but Igot about three years ago we leave andthen we have this pink lemonade ooh badand lemon and then up here we have thispicture and I actually don't know whatthis is and now the light we have abeautiful chandelier it's nice justreally pretty light which I love servingguys that is it for today's video I hopeyou enjoyed and again make sure yousubscribe and click on the personappreciations and join lemon there beguilty squad sorry[Music]

Hope you gues enjoyed this it was really fun to film .Also I am going to be posting a house tour soon we are just still decorating at the moment so stay tuned for that love u gues have a fan day or night whatever your doing see you in the next video bye xx

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