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Living room tour

love our pan is back here with anotherfantastic video today well I think it'sfantasticand today we here at say hey Hank ladderthank you letters Jesus three and a halfshe's littleshe doesn't know not my shirt on mymom's ramp house and today I'll begiving a fantastic cast all and I willnot eat going in the rims cuz I'm it'smy first time being here so let's getokay so another thing you know almostevery youtuber Automator they start withlike pictures and stuff like that likekowai kowai squishy thing or somethinglike that I love her videos then weshout out to her but I think it's kowaikowai squishiness or something like thatit's definitely kowai kowai squishy andsomething like that I don't knowso sorry I'm saying you're wrong but shegets a shout out even though I have nothad five subscribers I just love her somuch she'll get a shout out so go lookfor that and she does not see this videoi'ma tell her my youtube channel name umPat lover of pandas panda love orwhatever and go fish it up and the thingthat I was saying before like how theystart with like little creatures andstuff like that I will be doing that'spretty pretty sing every one of those solet's get on to this Rick torque pastimesee you guys in a bitright here is the doorit's really really cool Bobby boom solet's go to the next thingbig all right here are theselittle tougherhi Deena hers has this little elephantwhat are you gonna do for us yeah yeahcome on puppyshe has Mike and Nellie I know thatthere's another life and two dolliesactually I already know I mean because Ihave one of those this doggy I'm notgonna go through all of them becausethere's a lot of toys but I'll stay intothe other thing yeah so there's thislittle bike right chip you marry fourClips right here laughing and talkingbecause her mom and my mom the friendthat I have not seen in a while so let'sgo to the next thing you guys probablycity a turn our oom again you puttingany going to make for it you knowwhatever so let's go to the next thinghere is a table we're gonna worksometimes eight so cute are going intothe same denimyes that's pretty much it let's go tothe next thingnow here is that thank you speeding andI'm not gonna be going a fictional stackalready so yeah start step outside ohthat's a little house so we're not gonnago right here she has some other periodthe living room tour well let's stepthis one this is gonna be this is gonnabe Kate's room that's her name Kate andthey do not have the bed yet but thenwe'll be putting it Mary oh yeah they'reyours okay so she has these a littleRussianswhat the heck like really pretty I loveit a lot[Music]close up yeah okay so she has this heartthere's not polishing bless you ohthat's all we're gonna do the livingroom tour I'm so sorry let me doing ahouse because it's huge so I'll be backtomorrow down the house room living roomtour and the lunch room tour let's goyou guys back that guy's okayoh man I'm gonna do honey get back ontrack and videos very often the same dayso I'm gonna copy do another video rightafter the Sun guys come onbye

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