Living Room 

“Living Room” – Song #1 from DIY IRL With Anna’s Anchor

Here’s the first song from 32 week podcast / song writing adventure. Every Tuesday there will be a new episode with a new song. This will be the only song made availiable outside of the podcast itself.

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About DIY IRL:
32 Weeks, 32 Counties, 32 Guests, 32 Brand New Songs.DIY IRL is a project put together by “Ireland’s Hardest Working Musician”, Marty Ryan of Anna’s Anchor where each week he will interview a different guest, from a different county in Ireland that has gone out and done things their own way. The DIY Spirit can be found in every walk of life and that’s exactly what this podcast series is tapping into. If that wasn’t enough, every week Marty will be writing and recording a brand new song which will played on each episode.

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