Living Room Makeover

[Music]welcome back guys we are getting readyto start some living room renovationsover the next couple days Paul will belaminating over our ceiling in here tomake it smooth we currently havetextured ceilings throughout the housewith the exception of the laundry roomwhich he smoothed during Matt ranaevation but we're wanting to go to smoothsewing throughout the house so that'swhere we're gonna start in here we alsohave some plans for the flooring andtrim and things like that but for todaywe're just going to get started on thisceiling and we're going to share theprocess with you all[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]okay so Paul was able to get one side ofthe selling hung today which is quite abit of work considering he did it byhimself using only the lift and heworked earlier today and then we cleanedup just a little bit and I think we'regonna call it a day for today okay soit's day two and Paul is getting readyto hang this side of the ceiling butbefore he gets started we're going toclear everything out really quickokay so we are getting ready to startday three Paul was able to get this sideof the ceiling hung last night and thelittle foyer entryway there as well andthen we were able to clean up and todayI think he is going to be taping[Music]for and Paul is betting in the drywalltoday okay so it is day five and Paul isgetting ready to skim the ceiling and ifall goes well and it dries he may beable to roll skin today as well butwe'll see how it goes okay so it isstill day fivebut the skim coat dried out and Paul isgetting ready to roll him the fillingit's day six and Paul is getting readyto vacuum sand the ceilings and thenhopefully we can paint today[Music]okay so we are starting to paint theceilings are painted now and we arestarting on the walls okay so it hasbeen a couple of days since I lastchecked in with you all but we did workfor six days and in that time Paul wasable to laminate smooth and paint theceilings and then we were able to getone coat of paint on the walls and wedid go ahead and put everything back tosomewhat normal as you can see you knowwe haven't put any decorations back andwe wanted to just take a little breakour son is now home for a fall break andwe really didn't want the constructionmess while he was home on his break andwe were actually headed out of towntomorrow to help our daughter move so wejust had a few other things going on andthat we wanted to just take a littlebreak but still lots of work to be donein here and we're excited to share thetransformation with you all and so weare gonna call this part one theceilings and the walls but stay tunedfor what's coming next[Music]

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