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hi everybody welcome back to my channelif you guys are new here I'm Emily Ilove macrame thrifting and of course agood DIY project today I have a livingroom makeover refresh for you guys thisvideo is in partnership with articlefurniture article is an original modernonline furniture brand they have somereally beautiful mid-century modernsleek style furniture I'm obsessed withtheir furniture I have loved their stufffor years and when they reached out tome I was peeing my pants so excited it'sgenuinely a dream come trueso yeah before I jump into anything ifyou guys aren't already feel free tofollow me on instagram at Emily Faith 22I have a few things to say and thenyou're going to move forward with thislittle makeover like I said article isan online company they offer a flat rateshipping fee of $49 no matter what sizeso you guys can get like big couchesrugs all that stuff no matter what youget it's gonna be $49 for smallershipments it's just 19 dollars atcheckout there's also all these upgradeoptions so you guys can have in roomdelivery which is something we had somereally nice people came and they put ourcouch and our rug literally in ourliving room they would have unboxedeverything as well but I wanted to savethat for you guys so I had them not doit article also offers a 30 daysatisfaction guarantee so you guys canliterally try it out in your home andafter 30 days if you change your mindyou can send everything back get a fullrefund all you have to do is just payfor the shipping cost to send everythingback but other than that you get fullyrefunded of course they have so muchstuff on their web stuff and just checkthem out at article com and I hope youguys will show me some love and supportlike this video subscribe whatever youwant to do you know show me some love ismy first sponsored video and it wouldmean a lot to have your guys's supporthere is my living room before[Music]I don't know if anybody else is likethis but I'm extremely indecisive it's areal problem I'm serious I could notdecide between these two couches so Ithought what the heck why not just showyou guys my decision-making process andshow you guys this other couch that Ialmost Scott this is the abisco sofa andlike frosty white what I really loved isthat it comes apart right in the middleand so it's really it's a lot easier tomaneuver especially in our situationwith a small home also another thingthat I liked is that the cushions don'tcome off and if anybody has kids that'skind of a big deal and then of course Iwas obsessed with this like creamy whitecolor and then those legs like sleek andmodern and yet it also looks so so comfyas you guys can see that abisco sofa isbeautiful and it's funny because it doescome in other colors but I really lovethe white one but then the only reason Ididn't choose it is because I would havewanted it in white and I cannot keepanything white clean like I can't evenkeep my white shirts clean literally theonly reason that I chose not to go withthat visco sofa even though even thoughI really loved it yeah wait to show youguys what I did get because there arezero regrets here here is the huge couchbox right back here is the rug I hopeyou guys don't mind that I'm kind ofgonna be filming this a little bit vlogstyle I mean it's not anything differentthan what I usually do we have somebodycoming to pick up our couch in a fewhours and then we'll get that out ofhere while I wait for my husband to comehomeI have this chair and these needrecovered but you know whatI don't got money for that sort of thingright now I have this sheepskin rug wehave two we have the one that was on thefloor and then the one that was on itthe one that was on it was fake and thenthe one that was on the floor is a realone but it's pretty old but one thingI've read other than like doing a fullwash of it is that you can just kind ofbrush it out and give it a little bit oflife so I'm just gonna get rid of thefake one that was on the chair and brushout this real onetry and clean it up a little bit thenuse that on the chair because we will nolonger need it on the floor some otherthings that I want to switch out are Ihave this beautiful beautiful planthanger but it's just too low I think Ijust need to make one or even pull onefrom another room that I have and justhave one that's kind of up high I justfeel like it's competing with like theshelf and everything it's just kind oflike the straight-across feel like if itwas just kind of up higher it would justcreate visual interest so I think Imight switch this out for somethinghigher I also wanted to show you guyswe've had this forever going to get ridof this probably just give it to thethrift store I just got this for mybirthday as an early birthday presentI'm just going to be switching these twothings out and the next thing is thatyou guys have called mine I've killed myplant again so I mean it's still notfully gone but it has seen better days Ithink I'm gonna get rid of it and get anew plant for here I just brushed thisall and it looks so much better I knowit still it's a kind of dirty lookingbut you know what maybe I'll get a newone soon[Music]wow that's a huge box[Music]my gosh[Music][Music]it is the next day and I just need toput a few finishing touches in the roomand then I'm gonna show you guys thereveal and then I want to tell you guysa few things about my article couch andmy rug and what I just absolutely loveand why I chose itso yeah[Music]I'm going to show you guys whateverything looked like before and after[Music]this leather sofa is the timber sofa incharm tan everything will be linked downbelow for you of course I cannot sayenough good things about it this coloris just what my dreams are made of it'sso so soft like so soft and of courseyou guys know that I am so obsessed withmid-century modern style and this isalmost just like an updated take onmid-century modern and that's like whatI live forit's a beautiful couch the cushions areall down-filledwhich just basically means that it'sgonna get more and more comfortable astime goes on I think leather sofas it'slike they get better with time so asmuch as I love this out right now it'sliterally only gonna get better and Ithink that's the beauty of it it alreadycomes kind of with a natural sort ofworn look to it are you as obsessed asme articles coming through and all theways you guys and then there is this rugit's an 8 by 10 I'm literally freakingout over it it is my dream rughand-woven sheep's wool this rug is likeeverything so comfortable under my feetI also think that the color combinationyou know me I'm obsessed with myneutrals it's just I don't think I justlove them it's a lighter tan couch andthen this light cream rugeverything is just perfection this rugis called the hero rug hir a the herorug and it's in the natural ivory colorthe one thing I guess I should say is Iknow I had talked about putting a plantover there I literally went to the plantstore late last nightand they didn't have the ones I waslooking for they had a ton of palms andI thought being a palms look reallyreally good but the space is too smalland the palm would have just hung overthe couch and over everything used tohave like that snake plant so maybethose aren't in season right now or atleast not in the stores right now sowhenever those come back round I'mdefinitely gonna get another one and getsomething for that spot anyways I justwant to say that because I had talkedabout switching that out I hope you guysenjoy today's video if you did feel freeto give it a thumbs up as always youguys can subscribe for more of myeveryday life feel free to follow me oninstagram emily face 22 i hope you guyshave a great day and i will see you nexttime[Music]

Today I’ve partnered up with Article for a living room makeover. I hope you guys enjoy watching as I walk you through my decision making process and living room makeover/refresh.

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