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Living Room and Dining Room||Update||Bling Everywhere

hello guys and welcome back to myyoutube channel and you are hanging withthe missus on yesterday I told you guysthat I will be uploading a video of myupdated living room and dining room so Idecided to upload that today I hope thatyou enjoyed this video so let's get toit when you come into my home you see Ihave a welcome mat that's where we takeoff our shoes if it's raining oranything like that I also created anentryway with this entryway table itonce was gold but I spray painted itsilver to match my decor and it's amirror console table on it I just havesome candlesticks a little bird that umyou can put potpourri in and the smellsso good guys and I also have a crystalglass plate that people can put theirkeys or cell phones on when they comevisit because people are known to belooking for their keys and cell phoneand you name it they're looking for itover here next to the door I just hungthree picture frames someone on YouTubecreated something similar to this theytook the wall stickers and put them onsome picture frames and I decided to dothe same thingmine's just say our family is like thebranches of a tree we may grow indifferent directions yeah our rootsremain as one and I just love thatbecause as you know I have two doorsthat do not live here until I see andthat is just so true because our rootsdo remain this oneover here I just hung up some gray andnavy blue sheersI tried to incorporate some light shearsto break it break up those colors butfor some odd reason it just didn't lookright to me eventually I will probablychanging out those curtains to maybe areal light light gray metallic silverwhy I don't know I don't know buteventually I'm going to change those outover there you see I just hung up fourmirrors and then on the back wall youalso see the two paintings that me andthey did a painting with the twist itwas a contest and once again I have topoint out that I want you see the V onthe bottom right yeah you see it thendown here I have my sectional I reallyjust I have to sectionals they'reidentical it's gray and you see I havethe white blue and gray and silvermetallic pillows on there and this isthe side that they likes to be on comingover here I hung up some more navy blueand gray sheers to this window as wellyou also have a table that separates thetwo sectionals and it's a basket downthere that has a throw on there plus twopillows to those that we use while we'relaying in here because we don't want tolay on the decorative pillows so thepillows they actually came with the sofathat I do not like the pattern on theback of them we just use those to lay onokay back up a little bit you see I havea navy blue white and gray metallicrogue I also have a silverglass round coffee table that houses atray that I di white with the bling inthe inside of it on it you see I did aDIY on some candlesticks I have myelephant for good look asperity andblessings all you nishal is to see andit has a flower sitting on top of a bookthat I found a navy flute look at thatand I just bought it it's a decorativebook we move this out the way excuse meguysand it says how my people call are yourpeopleso I just like that and what it's sayingbreak something eyes and I'm currentlyburning a bath and Bodyworks candleright now Bernie mahogany apple andsomething I found out about the candlesum well this particular candle thecandle wasn't burning evenly just waslike burning in the middle so i YouTubedwidow lining was looking up some how tomake it burn correct nice on youtube ifound his young lady and she wasexplaining to take a piece of aluminumfoil and fold it let me get it and foldit guys like this and then you wrap itaround your candle and what that does ismake it burn even and guess what guys itwork who woulda known okay over here yousee i have metal decor on the wall umsilver with some blue candles on it Iwanted some much taller candles butbecause of the way the scroll is madeyou only could put a certain height ofcandle onso those had to do and they are blue andlet me go up so you could see the anykind of match this right here okay letme back up okay there's my othersectional and like I told you guysearlier they are identical pillowseverything down there you see myfootstool navy blue with a little blingin the middle I wanted to they only hadone so I could not leave the storewithout it and so I just got the onemoving along over here here is my wallof mirrors that is over my television Ieventually think I want to hang thetelevision up on the wall only due to alittle console table that I saw onlinethat I want to get yeah I want to getthat table I'm going to get that tapeand I will get your update on that butyes so I'm thinking about hanging thatTV up on the wall what you guys thinkokay and on the TV comes some TV standthat I currently have you just see thelittle thing here there hold hold ourremoteshum the cable box and stuff I have to dobaskets that is holding items forstorage I also have the marble photoalbum and the photo box that has photosin it over hereI found this storage binit has it stuffed it on the top it hasthe nailhead trimming on it inside of itI'm just housing my DVD movies it's alot of them guys so that's why I decidedto put my DVD movies in Nodon't worry about that box right thereguys that has my Christmas decor I justtook off all the tables coming alongover here I have this wall theinspirational sayings and quotes andstuff that I just absolutely love I'mnot finished with this wall I have toadd some other stuff too it's need somemore to hang right down here and thenI'll be complete and there's some otherthings I want to add to it like somelittle flowers and stuff okay and I'llget you an updated video on that as wellmoving over here is my dining room tablethat I had been looking online at formonths and months and months and finallymy baby got it for me and I just love itbecause of the bling on the chairs so Ijust add a little touch to my arm theselittle touches to my dining room tableit's not how I really want it yet butit's getting there I have this tray inthe middle that's blinged out my littleblinged out coasters and then you know Ihave the little candlestick holderswhatever you want to call them over hereI have more curtains hanging those wouldbe switched out as well when Iwhich out the other ones and they aregreat on the top you see that white swagflowers way I made that flower weddingand it fits perfectly with the decor Ialso hung some silver mirrors over thereon that wall the famous picture is stillhanging up there which eventually wewill be changing out once I find a nicepicture frame for it over here you havethis mirror it's two mirrors that I puttogether and put the flowers in themiddle of it over here you have thecandlesticks and that sign that saysthis way so love laughter and happy everafter that side actually was at ourwedding was outside um I took the stickoff of that you stick in the ground andI just wanted that part of the signwhich eventually we have my home on thefront porchcoming up you have this wall of ourpictures and black and white and some ofthe blini decor and that you have thebling that lamps and candle holders andyou have the mirror see back there forour initials you know here that's one ofthe pictures of our weddingget back here unless you're seeing itfrom a distance this is what that areais looking like so guys hope you enjoythe video if you're not a subscribersubscribe to my youtube channel don'tforget to tap that Bell so you can getnotification of upcoming videos that Iwill be uploading soon and have ablessed day and thank you for hangingwith the missus

Hello guys! This video has the updated version of the Living Room and Dining Room. I hope that you enjoy it! Be Blessed ❤

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