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what up neighbors I just came in for aquick quick video on my home I have aDedes home I have a Dollar Tree home aswell as a max way home and I have oneproduct that I got from Ross so let meget started because my living room needsa change in it as you can tell but Ithink it's time to change up my colorsbecause the red that I have throughoutmy house it was for a monthwinter and fall now that it is hot ongetting it is time to bring up speed sothese are my screen post that I intendto incorporate into my memory this righthere is the BT and I love the colorright here so I decided to go off thiscolor right here to decorate my it was ait's a great fun and I'm pretty sureeverybody knows that off the curtainsoff you can find curtains that's notthat expensive but still looks nice andyouand dress it up where it can look reallyexpensive it's now another fine that Igot that I want to incorporate into thisroom on this little is gold because ifyou can see in all my black marks myframes are either gold or black so Iwanted to incorporate some type of goldand finds that I found oneit is a pineapple go to and it was onsale if you can see that price rightthere but it was 399 and I got two ofthese the next one that I found[Music]and I attend to incorporated somewhereand this town is only $2.99 and I gotone of those because they only have oneand other find that I got was this arearoad it's a five by seven area road thatwe found from Dee Dee's and itincorporates the colors on my wall thetop color is a covered wagon that's thename of the coat and the bottom half ofthe wall is called burgundy wine so Ithink this right here if you can seethis hope you can see this this righthere this color right here it's the samecolors perfect they can't tellbut you got brown like like muscle thisright here incorporates the burgundy soI think that world was a good findand guess what it was on sale for $29.99this right here these are all do babiesfinders that I have now my next findsy'all my next home is for family wrongand Family Dollar has come oh I gotthese in this pillow is going in one ofthe seats in the backand this pillow component by Allah jobbout all the verses tent at Walmart areten for one pillow add up here one andthose are just a clearance and paymentit all the fine and I'm also with todayclears out and I don't have it all withme but you know when holidays come youcan always get their stuff if you'resent upso next year Easter I can actuallydecorate with little white ceramic bunnythat I got and make these bunnies arebig young and I only got them for adollarpercent off so I thought that was a goodfine for next yearnow that is my opinion at all now let'sgo to dating nope you know DVDs we don'tget family at all and now we want toback swing max way I found this righthere this big pillow right hereand y'all see pop huge thingand this pillow y'all would be going onthis solo because this sofa is is longit's a sectional and it's a L shape andthis right here will be going on my sofaalong other pillows that I find in thiscolor as well and this right here thesecurtains right and as you know myhusband bought me a glass top to go overmy table and content so I thought thatwould be perfect to go on minecraft thisright here is just a basic light that Ithought was justI really didn't need it but I liked itnow getting on this right here this faceright here guy came from and it's a bitcounter that I have been burning and itwill I I like the smell of a camera butwhen you light it up and it smells forabout 15 or 20 minutes it seems like thesmell goes away so I'm trying to figureout a way to get this counter up out ofhere alive so if y'all know how to get acounteri'ma something come in on this video andlet me know so I can give you now mydollar tree vines on Dollar Tree ismoving up to now they have came out withthese littleSajid packets right here Africa and theysmell so goodyoung for a dollar and you get two in apackI'll kill one of my car and this one isgoing in my tooth oh crapthat's with your fine nowthese right here I am incorporating inthe colors from Dollar Tree they havenow Dollar Tree as these the fancy basisthat I intend to do a DI walk on as wellas these little jars right here that Iintend to put flowers in to talk acrossmy memory and I bought really now therest of my dollar tree vines are alittle bit flowers that I got toincorporate with the clothes that is allthat I have to go in my living room[Music]now this right here is I got six ofthese of cracker jars right here that Iintend to make out of Fulton County andI bought these as well these tea lightcandle stands see like understated Ithink I'm gonna put it on top of thereand that's that's a nice little trickyeahI think I am gonna place them on amirror the bigger mirror and I have theoptometry I haven't in of it down atreat 8 by 10 mirrors and I think I mayutilize two of these for both maybe fourbecause I have six of these and theywere hard to find so I had to go in looklook look and I don't with the fivedifferent dollar trees to find some ofthese stuff that I saw on YouTube that Iactually want to try now as far as theseright here these look canvas canvasstands I am going to incorporate acenterpiece with these I have three thatI am one to put little jars on the topand incorporate on for my table andthese right here guys I missed out onthe woodenI missed out on those because they didnot come to the South port on mewe only got these right here we gotdreams we got a the love and we also gotbeyond the helloyou can give and I got like 80 because Iplan on this trip and ease throughout myhouse for inspiration message you put acouple in the bathroom put some of mycloset maybe put some around in theliving room if I kind of find a spot forme but this is it for this video I justwanted to come in and show you guys ahome of my things that I have beenstockpiling trying to get the colorscoordinated so I can start re modifyingand redecorate in this little room now Iam going to give you a quick tour ofthis little I'm going to give you aquick tour of this living room and hereit is you can see in the back of themI'll just do a quick 360 that is thatbig fireplace with the two windowsbehind that is my front dope and that isthat wall we have one long that is afool cool burgundy wine but as you cansee a lot of my walls are to Tonythen I'm trying to show you guys[Music]and I love spinning too fast but I'mjust trying to get this video under acertain amount of minutes and I think Igot 14 minutes and I already does startit over twicewell now guys if you like this video dome a favor subscribe to this video andif you are an old subscriber click thenotification beam and again if y'all gotneighbors tell your neighbors to watch anew neighborokay peace

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