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so we tell them I hate following Mondaygo ahead one day I made breakfast hungryI am well not really but I'll hook upanyway yeah alright oh do I have anexercise they're sailing sailing andlet's run this stop yes good morningguys I just realized something like iceis on so many those as wellI said I'm gonna need those I'm gonnaneed I've got it on camera I said I'mgonna need those as well well he's goingto get my glasses and he'll notice I'mout on the couch get ready to hook up onfeeds and my sailing for the day I toldRoger I'm like you know what I just wantto spend a Saturday morning out with youin the living room if I'm able so Ialready ended the vlog so it's workingon uploading right now and thank you andgetting ready to hook up my feeds and mysaline that Roger got ready for me andI'm gonna see what today brings he hashis Fantasy Baseball Draft at 3 o'clocktoday yeah so he's been planning kind ofhis picks this morning I couldn't thinkof anything better to get my mind off ofmy beloved Mountaineers losing than tousher in baseball season with thefantasy draft yep that was rough lastnight but we want to talk about it Iknow I just can't my bang manbaseball's his fav of course I'm abasketball girl and I think you'reskinny not have to be its own ass it'slike in the rules for dance we wantedthere it is it's in our bloodthat's why I check in say good morningand this is today the Lord it's made wewill rejoice something going on it andso can you got something else for youwhat Oh extra salineyes there we go so guys guess what it'sfinally spring yeah I know it wasofficially spring a couple days ago butlet's look outside all the springweather if I can open the window see ifwe can get the camera to focusyeah I'm not something there go let's dothisthat's a nice spring weather out therefor yacoming down March 24 I swear guysclimate change is real stupid groundhogstupid groundhog Phil I just been it'salready been six weeks so since February2nd how's it yeah so I should be overanyway we are watching Jessica Jones Ithought themit's our favorite probably the NetflixMarvel shows and we're catching up we'rewatching season 2 right now so we'recatching up on it and I'm still here inthe living room which is a miracle I'mresting with my blanket and everythingmy cold packs but it still is miracle tobe out here and just enjoying the daywith Roger so he has got his top shirton oh that's how you do it because shefits like this in case you wonder that'show you do the Atlanta Braves chop thetomahawk chop I know it's gonna correctit it's up mm-hmmI need you earth yeah 90 degrees I wannaunderstand the angle of their way was 90degrees I don't know there you gothere's a chop come on chop all rightbring it back to the show so it isfantasy baseball der halftime God 40seconds to draft yes I played last yearbut I knew that with as much as I wouldlike to keep up with itmy brain is not gonna be able to handleit their treatment this year so I'm notplaying this year however Rogers gettingready to draft his team with the otherpeople who are playing that work withhim there's a group of them that arethat are together that's just what 8this year second semester clip eightpeople this year oh no we're gonna tuneinto the drafts Oh better what well youknow your first cake I think I will usequality first pay you knowmembers right yeah I don't think youfirst okay that's all there that's alloh he's gonna be get your fourth pickand your fourth in line I just want toget that all right begins now okay let'sgo check it out my trail Oh Steve on thetrail that's who I got on the autographline yeah and Ferguson was out to vaeall right well I think we all know whoI'm going withmm-hmm Frederick Freeman mm-hmm wellbetter players out there but he's he'snot a bad pick and he's my favoriteplayer exactly you gotta get him ohsorry Jerry tail I didn't know you werethere kitty I'm sorryyeah I accidentally leaned up on it alittle but I'm sorry sorry I didn't meanto I didn't even see you there you wereblending in with your dad's pants rightthere you see that's when we're goingfor talk a list draft Freeman Freemanman all right now I'm gonna let youenjoy the rest of the rep without stressbut I knew that was gonna be a firstpick so I want to get first pick oncamerahappy drafting sorry for the darknessthis would be quick um I just wanted toquickly say that I think it's about 5:30I've been kind of like reclining on thecouch all day which is huge but it'salso really made my heart work a lotharder because it's more of an inclinethat I am when I'm even on an inclineyou're in bed which is where I am nowback in bed I know it's not clear sowhen I cut this off I just wanted to saywe did enjoy our time we head out theretoday I'm having some major air hungermy body's fluctuating between burning upand freezing and hot sweats and coldsweats and I think Babesia serves meright now that Potts is acting out myheadache who's just getting worse I'mjust gonna try to takeI can breed see you later so thiscameras give us some difficulties it'sto get saying there's a memory carderror and it happened after I startedplugging the SD card into my computerinstead of air like Wi-Fi translatingpictures from the camera to my phone andthen airdrop of those my computerbecause I thought oh let's streamlinethis war and now it's even me a problemso we'll see what's going on but anywaywe watched a couple episodes this is usI think Rogers really enjoying it I loveit mm-hmmthat's a great show we did watch todaythe episode that had the majorcliffhanger and then the one after itbecause you have to you know watch thatas well well we don't really have thestamina to watch another cuz we alsowatch a couple of those is Jessica Jonestoday uh-huhtwo or three uh two or three yeah ohthere's a car outside again I thought Igot away yeah yeah I don't understandpeople that just like idle outside theircars leave here just just just go insidesomewhere or try to turn your car offit's one you're wasting your money andin your dad's whatever and two you'redriving me nuts okay no for real thoughanyway tomorrow our church is doing areally cool project what time we have tobe there tomorrow 8:00 okay yeah and theservices at nine ten one service SantaClaus one service for instead of ourusual three and they're doing like sixsongs and just a shorter like worshipservice and we're doing um it's goodlove comes here Sunday is that if loveis here love is here Sunday here that'sright into the community yeah and we'vegot a whole list of projects differentthings that are doing that that churchmembers has signed up to do to helpthroughout the community in manydifferent capacities it's a really coolthing they're doing you know the nursinghomes going out to different schoolsdoing some stuff they're atand different programs around that'saround the city it's pretty you knowit's like instead of having our PalmSunday service we are doing this serviceby going out and serving the communityyou know we're getting togetherworshiping for you know a little whileand then instead of having the fullservice we're gonna be get him back tothe meeting I say we obviously I'm gonnabe here in bed and Rogers gonna be ontour and stuff but it's just a coolthing that they're doing and it's youknow it I will say Palm Sunday andEaster released sneaked up on me thisyear listening it sneaks when I sayschmuck that's not really a word schmuckthat's never actually words look it'snever correct smoker it's always sneakedyeah people say snuck but it's notactual he was right anyway umit came up really fast without a wholelot of warning I just took me bysurprisebecause I've been so involved intreatment and stuff and I've beenreading like a lot of sermon stuff so Idon't know why I didn't pay attention tothe fact that tomorrow on Sunday but Ireally just the week that's coming up Ilove to think about the events thathappened every day on that week and theyaren't all good good Friday those eventsaren't good coming in and of themselvesthey were good for Humanity ultimatelybecause they saved humanity but theevents that happened on Good Fridayweren't necessarily good in and ofthemselves and the events leading up tothat I know this week I just I reallywant to try to meditate on what thisupcoming week means starting withtomorrow which is when Jesus enteredJerusalem on the back of a donkeybecause he you know was a human justlike us although he was not like us atall you know he was God in human formbut he was also showing that he was herefor us sent for us to save us and it'sjust I don't know this week always makesme very reflective and I owe that a lotin large part toour old Sunday school teacher who sendout text like every day of Easter weeklyfrom Palm Sunday until ResurrectionSunday and detailing you know in theBible what part of the story washappening on that day and it's justbecoming a good tradition that I and Imean it's caused me to keep to focus onon that week so I just um I don't knowthat's been on my mind tonight as wellit's pretty much been our day a hourtoday doing a big fancy Facebook job youdid yeah you all just saw the verybeginning of that he ended up draftingit was it took about an hour and he wasdoing that and I was watching some sharktank mm-hmm what you think I'd give iton my iPad maybe but this coming week onMonday I start a new treatment protocolor I add to my existing protocol rathersilly telephone Monday go ahead MetronMonday and we're saying that because asanyone knows as a lion patients had totake this to treat Babesia or anyanti-malaria you know for any if they'reanti malarial reason it is a medicationthat is notoriously horrible tastingit's a thick yellow liquid that I'mprobably gonna end up just puttingthrough my G port on my GJ tube butRogers and you should get your firstreaction of taking it on camera so onMonday here's hoping we don't get aspit-takerongling I've had to take some prettygross myths I'm sorry I don't good to behere for it yeah mom will be here muchunless I take it before you go to schooldo you really want to do that cuz youleave important at school you're likeyeah we'll see my head is pretty badmorning oh yeah so we had like Imentioned earlier we had a good time outin the living room today and then kindof crashed in here and watched a coupleof so this is us after I recovered sonsowe're gonna wanted to just cry yeahthat's goodand I mean look how right you can seehow ready this on camera yeah no I seeit more it's rather here than it's oncamera to you yes well I should looksuper right to me Oh God so you can readI went over the Carroll close hey guysoh my gosh sorry my piece is it's feelsright it feels like it's burning so yeahneuropathy you not a good friend to metheir apathy going off oh wait you doconverse we have to fill our my conversefor the week here and then we're gonnago to bed no we got no converse come onsweetie come ondouble-team please don't wake me upyou're not asleep about a field converseoh it me if I want to sleep I wouldn'tbe sitting mm-hmm all right we'll seeyou guys tomorrow so we're gonna go Philconverse I'm good night after party rodsays we're having a hot messcombo I'm not on my gameyou got it all sussed ago it's the worstokay good now for real guys see youtomorrow

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