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Live Edge Dining Room Table Build All Done

hey y'all I'm James right and welcome tomy dining room and I am very happy solet's just jump into the project andfinish this thing so it's that timeagain we have the table here and we'reready to get working on it the firstthing I need to do is actually flip thisover on the bench so I can work on theother side of the table easier said thandone it's 400 pounds and I haven't foundanyone who can come over and help metoday so we're gonna try and do it byhand by myself[Music]it's flipped over and I'm happy so nowwe can start working on the finalfinishing of this the next thing I needto do is actually there's a few punkyspots on the side that I'm going toclean up with a penetrating epoxy thatwill soak into the fibers and hardenthem up so that there'll be a durablesurface and then we can start scrapingand smoothing the top and getting itready for finish so let's dive[Music]first thing you do is just smooth outthe top and this is going to be a lot ofthe same thing so I'm probably going toshoot a few videos and then turn on somemusic and go to town on those things I'mgonna spend a good while hitting it witha card scraper and a scraping plane andsmooth this whole thing out make it feellike butter take it back down to wouldget rid of all the epoxy on top[Music][Applause][Music]I've spent a lot of times particularlywith the card scraper on this and I'vehad a lot of fun and now I've used avery heavy burn on this so basicallywhen I'm turning the bird I'm just usingfile getting a really large massive burron there and it cuts through the epoxyfairly quickly the problem with is itleaves some scratches and so if you lookat the epoxy sections they look more youcan't see anything down through them andthere's no way that a card scraper isever going to get them completely shinybut I can get a lot closer but before Igo through and scrape it all down alittle bit more I actually want to goback through and fill some of these bugholes there's quite a few of them that Iscraped off the epoxy and the epoxynever really got down just create alittle bubble on top so I'm going to goand fill all those bug holes and thenwe're going to come through with a finerscraper and clean off the bug holes andsmooth it all down and get it nice andpretty and tell our almost ready forfinish so let's fill some bug holes[Music][Music][Music]I love a good card scraper and with abit of work it can leave an amazingsurfacethe problem is with epoxy it stillleaves some lines in there because it'sso hard and so dense and so perfectlysmooth that any amount of movement on itis going to create little tiny microscratches and I want this epoxy to beperfectly clear so that means I'mactually going to have to break out themicro mesh micro mesh is commonly usedby Turner's and has a series ofdifferent grits that can polish this upto a really nice shine so I'm going tobe going through all of these epoxyareas and buffing those out and we'repretty much gonna be ready for finish[Music]and now is the moment you have all beenwaiting for I'm gonna be using rubiomonocoat to finish the slab it is aprotective finish with a lot of colorreally easy to put on but that's enoughtalking let's cue the sexy music andfinish this thing[Music][Applause]it's time it is finally time I'm soexcited for this um Wow okay we goteverything up here we need to put thistogether and then we're going to carrythe top up the stairs and put it alltogether and be done so let's uh let'sdo it[Music][Applause][Music]now it is time to take this stupid thingupstairs uh-ohthis is gonna be interesting[Applause][Music][Music]another[Music]one person on each corner[Music]see a holethey explained over here's what's beencoming for us so[Music][Music]I am so happy with how this cametogether I want to say a huge thank youto everyone came out and helped me movethis up the stairs I could not have doneit without you thank you but now beforewe go let's look at some of the glamourshots[Music]there you have it the table is finallydone it's only taken me a year on theslabs and almost three years on the basefrom the time when we cut down the treeI am really really happy with how thiscame out I cannot explain that enoughit's just exactly what I wanted a littlebit more I'll probably have anothervideo coming out here soon where I'mgoing to edit the entire thing down intoone video that should be kind ofinteresting to do and also if you dowant to follow along with this I haveplans available for this on my websiteI'm really looking forward to seeing ifother people want to tackle this type ofbase it's something that I have beenthinking about my brain and kind ofdesigning over the last few years andI'm glad to see it come together it isprecisely what I wanted a base I knowthe next question coming up is when areyou gonna make chairsprobably in a couple years I'm probablygonna put a bench along this side forthe kids but we'll see how that comesout and then someday I'll get that ideato tackle the chairs we'll see how thatgoes though I do want to say a hugethank you to patrons on patreon andmembers here on YouTube you have beensticking with me through this entirebuild and thank you for that I'm lookingforward to getting on to a few moreprojects and enjoying this table for therest of my life so I hope you like thisif you did please it likes commentsubscribe all those wonderful thingsthey do help make this channel betterand until next time have a wonderful dayoh maybe I should flip this thing overthe bottom is just so gorgeous

The final video in the live edge epoxy filled dining room table build series. this dining room table has taken most of a year to build and the slabs were cut down around 3 years ago. it is good to have it all done.

Plans: https://www.woodbywright.com/shop/
Build Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8BzzmraAXM&list=PLAbayqjimalHU2GXbsZm12qym1Z1pHZNM

Penetrating Epoxy: https://amzn.to/2qBSJtQ
Filling epoxy Eco Poxy: https://amzn.to/2qFkMsk
Card scraper: https://www.woodbywright.com/shop/
Cabinet scraper: https://amzn.to/2T1po9e
Rubio Monocoat: https://amzn.to/2JWwfwM
Micro mesh: https://amzn.to/2qDDiBq
Buffing compound: https://amzn.to/2RGnrxq
Lifting straps: https://amzn.to/2PPRZzE

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