Las Vegas Market 2018: In Conversation with Furniture Lighting & Decor Magazine’s EIC

hi everyone I'm Nicole Daviseditor-in-chief of furniture lightingand decor magazine and as ChristopherGrubb your host with house tipster oneof the great things with house tips arefor our viewers we're bringing youthings to that trade which means it goesto retail stores and designers wereshowing you stuff before it hits themarket you're gonna see it coming up instores and online thanks for joining usthank you for having me you're welcomeso 18 months 18 months were still a babyit's terrific look at that coverbeautiful beautiful beautiful and sowhat was the concept but behind thepublication you're joining so manydifferent mediums in our industry yesso yeah 18 months old we were formerlylighting and decor and we recentlyrippln rebranded to furniture lightingand decor because we feel like thatreally communicates everything that wecover and our approach is sort of wholehome we want to cover the whole home forour trade professionals and be sort of aone-stop shop for them so they don'thave to go to several sources to seethings so we take things in a horizontalapproach instead of calling imagery andthat seems to be working well andeveryone seems to really grab onto grabwell and I do love the publication youcan like you said you see the piecestogether and blend that way visually andkudos it looks great and so what doeswhat do you and your editorial team lookfor when you're creating the magazinewhat are things that stand out or how doyou research if there's just so much onthe market so we definitely come toevery market I'm at every show twice ayear and you know we cover a lot ofproduct trends that's sort of the meatof everything so I'm walking aroundthese shows 10 hours a day looking atwhat's new colors materials patterns allof the above and we also have a lot ofIntel in terms of our retail readers andour interior design readers what arethey meeting what are they wanting theindustry's changing so much and it'shard to keep up and say oh yeah butthere's no shortage of content that'sfor sure right well and I do love it's apublication because we all here go toour website go to our website which aredigital grades or blog but for me tohold somethingand it's wonderful the prints coming I'msaying coming back but I just lovethere's more of it and the quality of itso we of our whole subscriber base halfof the people which is 20,000 prefer toget it in a print edition so I thinkthis industry definitely is very tactileand I'd like to have things to 20001so what we're doing a lecture today oneof the things that comes up a lot when Ispeak around the country is Millennialsyes and how do you see them as viewersor your buyers or designers consideringthat as a market so you know they're oneof the biggest consumer segmentsnowadays and I think our industry stilltrying to figure out how to attract themyeah and and the conception or maybemisconception is that they only want toshop online which can be true but Ithink there also is very much a placefor them going into a retail store orseeing and feeling things in person sothey're still figuring it out I thinkdefinitely a company here called tablefurniture they did an experience centerhere that they really are speaking toMillennials they brought an ice creamand Sephora student makeup and and it'ssupposed to be an inspiration for theretailers to take back with them and sayyou couldn't sell a pink couch but it'snot gonna sell just because it's pinkgirls want color but they also want toexperience right if I go there will theythink via millennial can I go fake itdon't think I'll get away with it noit's fascinating cuz I also thinkbrick-and-mortar is a form ofentertainment yes you know people thatare shopping but I think it's stillentertainment it's still gonna be aroundand you know a lot of them are closingbut the good ones are really reallydoing well and a lot of we've noticed atrend we're calling hybrid retailers andour interior design studios that areopening storefronts today okay forinterior design services but they'realso selling productthe floor so it's sort of a combinationof the two things and I think thatreally resonates because they don't havethe overhead and they it's from abusiness perspective and they can upsellthings and it's an experience in generalyeah it's it goes back to experience soNicole thank you so much for making thetime to talk with me thank you forhaving me and thank you to house toobserve for having me on as well for allthe viewers you can learn more about usat furniture lighting decor comm checkit out beautiful stuff thank you again

The House Tipster team had the great pleasure of meeting Furniture Lighting & Decor Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Nicole Davis during this summer’s Las Vegas. Interior Designer Christopher Grubb from Arch-Interiors Design sat down with the editor to find out how trending home design elements make it into the publication, and how the editorial team stays up to date with the latest launches. Plus, Nicole speaks on how brands can reach millennial buyers through creating unique brand experiences.

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