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hi guys Todd here again with the TWUHome Show I'm back here today withanother video my name's Toddof course and thank you for coming backtoday I'm going to be discussing somekitchen storage solutions that I came upwith maybe some of these might work inyour case or you can maybe use them in adifferent way than I have used them butI've got a few things today I want toshow you so let's take a look at what wegot first[Music]okay this is my walk-in pantry righthere it's in the kitchen locatedcentrally kind of in the kitchen hereand I've recently redone the the pantrycleaned it all out organized everythingI've even put labels on these differentshelves of you know what things go wherechips all that shelf is chips snacks youknow stuff like that I organized thesebins here I do highly recommend I'll puta link below but these are clear plasticbins with lids that come off easily andyou can store like any of your dry goodsand stuff like that you know you don'twant bugs to get into we're open brownsugar you're open sugars and stuff likethat I got some work for these that justcame in today they got different sizesand actually I like these better here'sa another size right here and then thesethree pack right here but these comewith a while I like these better the thedoor it's a hinged door on it so youwon't lose the door and what Iparticularly like these for I thinkprobably this size is for seasoningpacks right now I keep my seasoningpacks up in this cupboard up here I'llshow you but I think this is the rightsize see right now I keep them up hereand these Ziploc baggies which is kindof a pain in the butt to get them outunzip them and stuff but look at this ifwe could fit them in here somehow justkind of tilt them down like that andI've got a few of these containers thatorder more but it's gonna be a lotbetter than the ziploc bag idea so ifyou got some that are you know open likethat we're gonna be protected with theplastic then you just pull this down sothat's a good idea for these plasticbins the next thing I got here is I'mgoing to use this hidden potential herewhich is the backside of my pantry doorso I've got a few items here these areby Rev a shelf and these go you can putthese inside cabinet doors or whereveryou wherever you like um I think I'mgoing to put them up heremaybe stagger them different heights nowI've got this this is a wire storagecontainer for plastic grocery bagsactually I have an upside downso you put your grocery bags in the topand then pull them out at the bottom soput that somewhere on the door then nextup I've got these and these go on thedoor here I'm going to stagger thesedown the door and I'm going to show youwhy I got these look how they got theSaran wraps and stuff on the picture ofthe product there and I definitely needthese in our household right now lookwe've got them all thrown down thereit's a pain in the butt to try to getthem outso I'll fix thatand the next thing are these we wereusing clothes pins but these are gonnabe a lot nicer or tying up your chipbags they're wider nice heavy-dutythey're inexpensive they didn't cost toomuch and you get two rows of thesethat'll do plenty of chips and I canjust keep them on the shelf back here sothat's what we've got I'll look at thisone I've got tuna fish in itsee thatall small dry foods and stuff like thatagain storing these plastic containersyou can see what they areyou have to open them to see what theyare you can see right through themso guys stay tuned I'm gonna go aheadand install these products on the backside of the pantry door and I'm gonnacome back and show it to youstay tuned[Music]the PMI devastation[Music]so guys I've gave you a couple of ideasfor your kitchen your pantry areas andyour cabinets I hope you take these asgood ideas if you like any of theproducts the shelving racks or thecontainers that I purchased or even thechip clip back clips I'm gonna leave allthe links down below and make sure ifyou liked my video give me a thumbs upso I know if this is the type of thingsthat I should be posting I thinkkitchens are a hot topic now so I willhave several other kitchen videos comingup soon for a cabinet organization so Ihope to see you on those as well sohere's a final look at my pantry andguys I will see you on the next video[Music]

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