Kitchen Refresh Ideas!

hi everyone its Leonie here from Leoneansleep at Hogwarts now I'm just at one ofour new listings and I thought sinceI've done quite a bit of renovation Iwould just let you guys know what Iwould do here now first of all obviouslythe paint paint the cupboards via in theyou can also get from one of ten thesehandles that will make it much morefunky square handles over here you canalso paint these these tiles with aspecial paint that you can get from mylateen as well loving live at in anddown here I would always put a new techand that really brightens things up andjust makes it look a lot more modern sothey would really bring the kitchen upso you can see that if you painted thosecabins took the sheen off though it'swhat I do with this awesome

Take a look at what I would do at one of our favourite listings!

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