hello everyone and welcome back to mychannel so I realized it has been almosttwo years since I've done a kitchenorganization video and in my house atleast the kitchen is probably the numberone area that needs to be organized justbecause we have so much stuff in thisroom we have new things coming in wehave old things going out so I thinkwith organization in general it's alwaysa good idea to revisit things and adjustas necessary so I have a lot of fun atnew organization ideas for todayand if you do enjoy this video youshould definitely subscribe to mychannel I am known for my organizationcontent so with all that said let's jumpright in to our kitchen organizationideas the first thing we're gonna tackleare different solutions for organizingyour lids to your pots and pans I don'tknow what it is I have such a hard timewith storing and organizing these so Ihave two different solutions for youguys the first is this rack so this isdesigned to be drilled on to theinterior of your cabinet and then yourlids get stacked on here nicely likethis you could also use something likethis to organize your different bakingtrays and toaster oven trays othersolution and what I decided to go withis this really cool slide-out lidorganizer so you drill this into thebottom of your cabinet you pull it outand all your lids are right thereperfectly organized they stack togetherthey make so many different sizes andshapes of these slide-out organizers ifyou want your items to be more easilyreachable and accessible these slide-outrocks are extremely convenient up nextI'm going to show you a bunch ofdifferent ways to use these littlecommand hooks in your kitchen so thefirst thing you can do with this is useit to hang your oven mint I'm alwayslosing my oven mitts that's probablybecause my son Carter likes to play withthat as his favorite toy so to keep itboth organized but also out of sight Iput this on the interior of one of mycabinets so I could just open thecabinet grab my oven mitt I always knowit's in the same place and random sidenote I just upgraded my oven mitt sothis really nice silicone one my otherone was falling apart the next idea forusing these hooks is using them to hangyour measuring cups and measuring spoonsso I got these measuring cups that havethe hole in themso they hang nicely on the hooks and Iput this on the inside of my pantrycabinet because that's where I tend touse the measuring cups the most on flouroatmeal different dry goods in thepantry so having them there hanging upis so convenient and then I did thatsame idea with measuring spoons sothey're always gonna be displayed in thesame place and the last way I use thislittle hook in my kitchen is I hung oneon the back of Carter's highchair and Iuse it to hang his bibs from and forstoring your pots and pans the solutionthat I have in my kitchen that I stilllove two years later is this rack thatyou can use to just very easily andnicely stack your pan having this littlerock is probably one of my toporganization products in my entire houseno joke for organizing your cookingutensils so your slotted spoons yourtongs other larger utensil I found thesedrawer dividers that I put in the drawerright next to where my stove is so I canhave all of my different utensils inthere separated in the drawer and theseare made out of a really high qualitysturdy bamboo material so I think thesewill last for many years you can alsouse these in your cutlery drawer toorganize your cutlery that way up nextsome ideas for organizing your spices wekeep our spices in a drawer but theproblem is they're rolling all over theplace it's not that organized so I foundthese spice liners for the interior ofthe drawer so you can stack all of yourspices nicely on the interior of yourdrawers and they're not going to rollaround and they're displayed nicely soyou can easily find a spice that youneed I also have these in my bathroomdrawers and I use this to organize myskincare products I know organizingunder the kitchen sink is a big problemarea a lot of people have so I have acouple different solutions for this thefirst is this awesome rack that isadjustable to fit under your sink so youcan expand it as wide as it needs to goall of these little rocks are removableand movable so you can adjust them asnecessary to fit around the piping underyour sink under my sink we actually havethis big water filter unit so thisdidn't fit I'm gonna use this insteadfor under my bathroom sinkand for under my kitchen sink I'll showyou what amazing on one side I'm goingto use the stainless steel slide-outdrawers if you haven't noticed I am allabout the slide-out because it justmakes it easier to grab things that areall the way in the back of your cabinetsso along the same lines on the otherside I'm using this giant lazy susan andI'm using this to put our dishwashingdetergent so cleaning products alldifferent larger household products thatI need to be easily accessible so thisnext item it's also a lazy susan typecontainer but used in a totallydifferent way and this is probably myfavorite thing in this entire video soit is this spinning contraption that hasthe compartments in it and I thoughtthis would be perfect for organizingCarter's snacks and in the picture hereon the label that shows them organizingthe k-cupcontainers so if you use those thiscould be a great solution for that aswell another kitchen drawer organizationsolution are these containers they arealso customizable so you can adjustthese sides and shape to whatever it isthat you're organizing I thought thesewould be perfect for organizing ourkitchen gadgets we have so manydifferent ones I've been meaning to do avideo on my favorite kitchen gadgetsbecause I love them it's probably thenumber one thing that I'm a sucker forif you guys watch my channel you knowthat I'm a tea addict so I have a lot oftea to organize I have two differentsolutions for this the first is thisacrylic tea organizer bin so I have myteas in here and I have them by caffeinecontent so the nighttime herbal teas areon the top and then my caffeinated teasare on the bottom just so it's eveneasier to find the tea that I needanother solution that I really like arethese custom interlocking drawerdividers so what I really like aboutthis is that you can make them whateversize and shape you need based on yourdrawers you can also use these fororganizing your junk drawer or yourkitchen gadgets or other smaller kitchenitems alright so we have covered a lotthose are my ideas for this week if youdid enjoy it and you've got some ideasfrom it then it please do me a favor andhit the thumbs up buttonI would realappreciate it and also as I often liketo do I'm going to do a little surprisegiveaway here at the end this is just mylittle way of saying thank you guys forsupporting my channel and watching allthe way to the end of the video so justleave a comment down below of whatorganization product was your favoriteand then I will pick one person atrandom to win that product the onlyrequirement is that you are subscribedto my channel with the notification thatturned on so make sure to do that andalso just in case you missed it thevideo that I posted on Thursday whichwas a day in the life of Carter who's myone and a half year old son is one ofthe most adorable videos you have towatch it if you haven't seen itespecially if you need to be cheered upif you're having a little bit of a badday and you need to pick me up thisvideo is guaranteed to put a smile onyour face so I will have that link downbelow for you and with all that saidthank you so much as always for watchingand I will see you soon with a new videobye[Music]

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