Dining Room 

Kitchen / dining room

now I'm in the kitchen looking outtowards that dining room okay let mejust point here there's a slight hump inthe concrete or in the tile floor sorryit might be a different concrete heightunderneath I don't know perhaps I don'tknow what that would have been beforethat it would have been something toprovide a okay this is the kitchenyou've got an electric stove here Ithink these are original cupboards yourfridge there's no dishwasherand then this wall is just they justhave a microwave heart there okay sopretty tight since I'm standing here IhereI think the sump pump downstairs I'm notsure but let's look at the rest of thehouse first this is a cozy living roomthey've got a little fireplace there I'mnot sure if that is going to stay we'llhave to double check but nice floorsbeautiful floors one thing out here inthis dining room is that stuff as wellwe'll have to see if that stays so justas I stand between the dining room inthe kitchen you can see that I can seehere in the living room and I'll just goto this other side and spin around supercute decor

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