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Kindig It Design’s Bryce Green and Kev Dog From Bitchin’ Rides Use SATA

[Music]everyone I'm Bryce green there's a capdog we're employees at kindig-it designalso known on TV is bitchin ridestoday we're here in the sada booth justkind of checking things out and checkingout their equipment now in our shop werun sod equipment all the way fromprimer guns clear up to paint and clearcoat guns they have the best products onthe market you know and the rise thatwe're building a painting they have tobe top quality we always have to makesure that we're having the top qualityequipment in what we do and these guysare the ones that have it the product isso good it can actually make me lookgood[Laughter][Music]you

Bryce Green and Kev Dog of Kindig It Design from Velocity’s Bitchin’ Rides tell us why they use SATA spray equipment in their shop.

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