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Kids Story Room Ep 6 Sebby’s Silly Socks

hello and welcome to the kids throughthis episodemy name is Sebby and we have anotherwonky wardrobe poem for you this one isall about me it's called CBC's I reallylike it I hope you do too[Music]Debbi silly socks by anestine Debbie hada pair of socksthey were furry red and frilly hecouldn't wear them for too long as thesesocks were really sillyonce he wore them in the morning theymade him jump so high but then theyforgot to bring him down and left him inthe skyhis mum called out the fire brigade buttheir ladders didn't reach that far sothen they had to get a rocket to collecthim from the starsif the socks went on at lunch timethings got out of hand they went to awarm-and-fuzzy and sent Seb to a newland getting home was pretty hard Sebhad to find a fish who had five eyes andfifty heads then make a Homewood wishif in the afternoon he wore them thesocks went really mad they turned himinto a dragon and things could getreally bad some people didn't know itwas sybbie and they get very scared hehad to eat a whole chocolate cake beforehis true identity was bad at dinnertimethings got wild said rarely put thesocks on then because those silly oldthings turned him into a giant hen he'dlay enormous eggs they'd fill up theentire house his family couldn't fitinside nor could their pet mouse theonly way to turn him back was toscramble all the eggs but you had to doit with your feet and then you got sorelegs at night it was the silliest thesocks turned up the dial this is whenthose silly socks really made Sebbysmile they turned into a pair of clawsfrom a Tyrannosaurus Rex and I supposeyou just might guess what did happennextthey took said back millions of years towhen the dinos roared said was soexcited he couldn't wish for more he wasa Tyrannosaurus he thundered as he ranbut before he could get too far heturned into Batman he was in hisBatmobile speeding through the skysearching in the night for that baddieguy but just before said caught him heturned into the flash running evenfaster than the Hulk or even - subtracta rose fighting all the crime by thetime the Sun came up the socks were allworn outZeb was fast asleep in a secret hideoutwhen he woke up he was safely in his bedhis socks were on the floor they were nolonger red they've turned a mucky Brownand had holes here and thereSep could also detect a funny smell inthe airI think you two need a wash Sebby saidto his socks the socks replied oh no wedon't and turned into a foxZeb knew that they'd come back when theywereGordon ready so he rolled over in hisbed and picked up his favorite teddy heliked his silly socks they were a pairhe'd always keep Zeb yawned of bigsleepy yawn and then went back to sleep[Music][Music]thank you for listening this a besomsocks we love sharing stories with youbye


Sebby’s Silly Socks
Written and narrated by Anna Steen.
One of our Wonky Wardrobe Poems about a little boy called Sebby and his very, very silly socks!
This episode is introduced by Sebby himself, the inspiration for this poem.
Recommended for ages 2-6.
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