Kid's Room 

Kids Room with Veeksha

hi guys my name is week chefs welcome tomy a gorgeous videos so I really love tokiss it I live a stitch Kubu pezoo butme not daddy hockey see ba anidominicans enough so I mean - we canwelcome to my video and I'm going toshow you my 10 straight teeth maybe Iwonder if so let's start I just open mywater before drinking I love thisbecause it's so smooth and I have aMickey Mouse bad guys hi Mickey hi thisis an owlso what here don't game so start fromAikido GG my board games I don't let memake up stuff - no size price and theseare some kind of where some money gamesand all over there bird today's just aflower with the nail arts tiled somestuff so here's hey wake up stuff powderand all some size all this this mighthelp fill comes with the powder and thiseyeshadow these are the two lipsticksand this is one nail polish and anothernail polish comes with the snow okayI have purse with that with this and I'mgonna boosters not real chocolate thereare just after mething was that hereabouts imbalanceawkwardly but I think hmm okay medicinesno stops no time for me show you guys mypantry team deck so let's go onhey yeah in fact is like this see myDuncan dude inductor good G just likereached fine yes so here how cookieusing I mean you did he believed and didthese to my kitchen with there arephones inside it show you for one seethere are two bad phonesjust distant supermarket with some pool- please do let's cook some ice cream -whoa holy bums two cones and one spatulaand sweetpinks so here have some fruit cuttinggames they're truly Baskin dolls so guysif you like this video just describelike and shareI just wanted some comments bye-bye[Music]

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