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[Music][Music]hey guys welcome back to our Channeloh my gosh I'm hoarse welcome back toour channel I did just wake up I wantedto do this video featuring nicely nicelyI believe that's how you pronounce theirname of their company - she says twobeds and for the kids and we're reallyexcited we did redecoration of theirroom yeah we have why because the railsis not much space basically so we getour bigger place then I put the railright nowwhen the rails leave enough space so thekids fence will be on the floor let'sfind it the company offered to work withus and I was like it's awesome shoutoutsaccompany me nights League as theirawesomewe really appreciate this um so sincethey wanted to work with us I was likeof course like the kids need their ownbed anyway we're gonna wait until wemove into our hot our house but it'sokay either way I'm really excited tosee what these look like so let's openem up[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music]okay but you got to turn it around soget up so daddy could turn it around[Music][Music][Music]like super super soft memory foam it'sjust like our bedyou guys have like yeah this will limitdown the arguing and the body becauseyou have to aren't you a lot whenthere's when they're down it's kind ofnice that it's low to the ground becauseonce the baby starts walking she's gonnawanna climb onto their bed and she won'tbe falling if she does fall she won't befalling off Wow oh my God thank you somuch nicely is this is this is niceoh my gosh very nice so freakin softtoday I Bailey's have some comfy bedsnow I got some memory foam baby[Music]you're interested oh you guys have yourown bet how does it feel good isn't itsoft I know right girl I know it does itfeels like snow it's still soft allright now we're gonna make your beds[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music]tonight okay guysmy kids are laying down comfortableexcept for this little one right herehey I'm sorry you guys are my boys Ithink I'm getting sickI'm not really sure what's going on inmy throat it's a girlbut anyway I wanted to tell you a littlebit more about this company cuz they'reawesome oh my gosh um well first of allyou know these are memory foammattresses their temperature regulatedthey have ideal support dual motionisolation pressure relief watchablecover there's a cover that comes on topof the memory foam mattress which isawesome for them for their beds becauseyou know kids are messy and dirty andthey get stuff on your third beds andwhatever so the fact that we can washthose covers is awesome this companyoffers a hundred night sleep trial so ifyou keep the mattress 400 nights and youdon't like it for whatever reason youcan send it back they'll refund yourmoney and they'll like donate donate themattress to somebody who needs it youknow ten year warranty on the mattress Iguess it's like a factory warranty andit delivers in a real small box that wayyou can you guys saw the boxes so youcan move on if you're like me or ifyou're just like a single person that ismoving in bed by yourself it'll beeasier than moving a big mattress all byyourself you know you're just moving ababy so yeah I just want to give a hugeshout out to nicely thank you so freakinmuch for working with us we're soappreciative our kids are gonna sleepamazing now you guys go check out theirwebsite we actually have a fifty dollaroff coupon down below in the descriptionbox so go ahead and click on that couponand get dollars off a new memory foammattress like if you haven't tried amemory foam mattress they're amazinglike now that we have memory foammattress would you ever go back to thespring no I would yeah there's stillcomfortable and I'm happy that my kidsget to experience it too because theylove our bed they're always trying tosleep in our bed so now they have theirown and they'll be let they'll be lovingsleep as much as we do and there'ssomeone when she gets her own bed gonnaget a memory foam batches huh oh mygoodness yesoh so anyway guys I just want to sayonce again check out our discount codefor $50 off your new mattress it's downbelow in the description thank you somuch nice we really appreciate you guysworking with us and you guys go checkthem out cuz they're amazing they'reamazing company they're so sweet andcompany to work with so okay guys that'sall for this video I hope you guysenjoyed it like comment subscribe girlyou like comment and subscribe and we'llsee you guys in the next one peace loveand happiness web gang[Music]

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