Kid's Room 

Kids Room | Cleaning and Organization Pt.2

welcome back to my channel this is part2 of my cleaning the kids room as youcan see everything is scatteredeverywheretoys all mixed together it's just a messso this day actually took me about 6hours to do first I just started bydumping all the toy boxes out andsorting all the toys and finding a placefor them so it'll be easier for him tofind like his dinosaurs and Legos sothis is one of the miscellaneous toyboxes I'm sorting he has way too manytoys[Music][Music][Music]so once I got all the toys up I startedto vacuum the room I'm also going to besteam cleaning[Music][Music][Music][Music]and so in my Steam Cleaner solution Ijust used the vinegar hot water and someorange essential oil drops and in thisroom I added also some peppermint justbecause sometimes there's spiders inthereI heard that peppermint essential oilkeeps them away the smell came outreally good oh it smells good[Music][Music][Music]youwe moved the bed around I got all thetoy boxes in and I have my baby girltoys in his room as well just so it'seasier for her to grab she has toys inevery room actually[Music]you've got done with all the beddingjust making the bed[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]so thank you for watching my day in thelife of a stay-at-home mom just cleaningthe rooms as you can see I'm 30 weekspregnant in this video so it took me aminute to get everything done and myhips were hurting of course thank youfor watching please leave a like andsubscribe to my channel see you in mynext video

Part 2 of cleaning and organizing the kids room. This took me all day . If you like these videos please like and subscribe!

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