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Kids bedroom tour/ kids shared room

[Music]hi guys welcome back to my channel I'mgonna take you around stay tuned so youcan get to see more details thank you somuch God bless you are[Music]they did not want to be separated theywanted to have the same be in the sameroom so my husband and I figure out somethings and we got them in the same roomit's a little bit small but it will dofor nowthey will grow into it and we will finda different place for they need to be sothe overview basically of the whole roomis two twin size bed my daughter's fiveof my son is two so they do have thespace to grow in it both of the bed andthe mattress we got an AmericanFurniture Warehouse here in our city andyou can find them online as well theyhave great prices and if you seeeverything in the room is basically bythe American Furniture Warehousebut at Walmart and also but a home goodsso their dreams I mean they love signthat you see on the wall was bought ahome good this sticker peel and stick Igot for my daughter and my son at theDollar Tree can you believe itit was only a doll and it's pretty largeand I really like it her comforter herpillow and her pillowcase I got it alsoat Walmart it is so beautiful is thefirst thing people see when they come inthe room and draw chests or draw yourchest I also got American FurnitureWarehouse this first job holds thediaper for my son he's still pottytraining so we gotta keep diaper himhe'll be nasty all over the room andhere we got some socks some tightsunderwear for my daughter and you guysno shame vaseline keep them moist alittle bit of other socks there doesn'thave to be perfect it just needs to beorganized andson cannot keep his paint on your shortson a hanger so we are going to put itthere and this is my daughter schooluniform so it's easy for her to reach soI'm just gonna take her around and thissmall carpet I don't know the size of itbut I got it from Walmart as well he'scomforter and his pillowcase I got it onWalmart as well and right the coathanger I got it from Big Lots and thatthis sure holder also a big lad yeahit's there was not very expensive at alland I will leave some of the link belowfor you guys and this is the shoe it'ssupposed to be for like a DVD CD rackbut I got it for these shoes actuallygot it from Facebook marketplace and Ilove this toy box I only need one Ipurged all the toys and kept whatever isneeded on there and I love it and I gotthis organization system from the dollarstore this Pricer side I just need tohang it I've now gotten the chance to doso and I my son's clothes at mydaughter's school if you need a foolroom tour please let me know I candefinitely do that for you this is theoverview I like it's pretty simple Idon't want it to be clutter thanks somuch guys if you have any questionplease leave it into the comment belowand thank you for watching don't forgetto subscribe and please don't forget tolike and sharegod bless you guys bye[Music][Music]

Hi guys welcome back to my channel, please don’t forget to subscribe and please share the video. Homegoods decor Walmart decor dollar tree decor. God bless you all.

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