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Kid Pees On Floor While In Naughty Room | Supernanny

[Music]it didn't take long before I was showingKaren and Jason exactly how to use thenaughty zone we were in the living roomand Joseph Hitty sister and when momgave him a warning he swore at her andthen spit right in her face Jonas watchthis he spits in your face you bring himin and you say to him you do not spit atanybody because that behavior isunacceptable do you understand now youstay in this room Joseph was not giveninto the naughty zone and then all of asudden he peed in the middle of a floorlike a dog I want an apology Joe yeah Iwant an apology all right this doesn'tget one we go let's go now if you can'tsay sorry for that behavior then hestays in here yeah thank you[Music]ignore it I can't believe thisfour-year-old is just giving his mom thefinger it's just disgusting knock on thedoor so why can't we just lock the doorand keep him in their face to find timeyou can't lock your kids up to controlhim whilst Joseph was in the naughtyzone Ben swore at his mother and thenshe had to place Ben into another on hisown come out then when you stop swearingokayno sooner has she got one child into anaughty zone the other one had come outof theirs back in the room there weretimes when mum was really struggling tomake the naughty zone technique workbecause the boys were pushing thetechnique to the extreme limits so whatdid I say to youboom boom in there now no when I saw thetwo boys escape him from theirrespective naughty zones I knew Karenwould need my support to enforce thetechnique you're stronger than him pickup your young son Joseph got so angry atone point but his pant room had one mandown and she was just about to give upas I intervened that was a big relief tome cuz I really felt like I was gettingsupport I was very impressed with howshe dealt with Joseph I'm not tooconvinced I can continue I think the thedesire to to do it is there but I knowshe'll be able to do it is 4 years oldyou're now in charge and not him it'sincredibly vital that Karen learns tomanage two children in two differentnaughty zones at the same time we cancome out no more swearing ok veryquicklyBen had learned to realize and and takethe consequences for his actionsJosef's rebellious behavior had lastedfor an hour and a half before he gave inand realized that mum was in charge ofthis situation and not little Josie[Music]Karen does have a lot more work butshe's taken the first step and that's amilestone for Karen Daisy went in andout quite a few times but it was a lotless stressful than shouting at him andI didn't feel so wound up hopefully itcan only get better from there go get adrink now we're making some cakesBlake's with the biggestwhen we have right now like oh mygoodness right whoaBlake tends to run off all the time itscares the life out of me that littleboys just run into the streetBlake[Music]

These kids don’t like the idea of the naughty room and completely disobey their parents. One of them even pees on the floor.

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