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Kerrie and Spence’s Living and Dining room | The Block 2018

the lights are off when the judgesentered your room today and Darren saidAlexa living and dining judging he lovedthisI loved bells and whistles our loveanything that actually makes your lifebetter and something that would beexpected of an apartment at thisstandard at this price bracket I agreeyes that table I mean you can get twomore chairs at that that then becomes aten seater dining table I love thefinish I love this is a huge space sothe interesting throughout today how thecontestants have interpreted scale whichI found they've had problems with thewhole way through but I agree I thinkthat's the right size table what doesslightly concern me is the height of theceiling I love the coffered detail whichwe've seen carry and spent to do beforelooks beautiful I love it but I mustadmit it's hovering very close above myhead I absolutely love the idea I feelwhen you walk in it does give anelegance to the room the problem is whyspend so much time creating this mastercraftsman ceiling and clutter it withfeature lighting and a feature fan thisis the ceiling that needs to sing on itsown and I'm not getting the breathingspace I need to appreciate its beautyyeah Neil thinks that the balance thatShona and Darren were looking for is toswitch out the black fan to walk nowthat would be an easy fix with it on apositive I think it's an easy space toimagine living in Darren love theorientation of the room towardsconversation and to the exterior we'vegot a conversational space it is set upso that you can relate to each otherif you're entertaining you can havepeople all around you're all conversingthis room has also been set up forhaving a cinema experience andhome so there haven't actually had tosacrifice one function for the other andI think that's spectacular Alexa turn TVon okay thanks a designer piece thatlooks like a mirror that functions as avery high-end television screen Alexaturn TV off I think there's a lot ofthings in here that a potential buyer isgonna get very excited about I really doI just want to see I just want to see itand taking this Vista tube you can lookthrough the dark she is and you're gonnahave a spectacular outdoor area here forme there are definitely more ticks herethen crosses china agreed that yes itticks a lot of boxes but it's the thingthat Kari and Spence do every week theytick boxes the styling feels bit 90sit's a little bit uptight and needs toloosen up I feel like I'm in a 90sboardroom and I've sat in a lot of theseand I feel like it this room to beperfect needs an extra emotional layerthe fundamentals I think are correct inhere absolutely it's actually a veryvery easy fix longer that he sat therethe more that he came around to theheart of the ceiling the ceiling worriedme initially I'm kind of getting used toit now I love the sense of scale andproportion that they've got in here Ilove the size of the rug and you knowwhat I absolutely love in here they'vegot a floor lamp and it's plugged intothe floor you're not across the room andhe complimented the palm tree artworktoo it's a subtle reference to where weare they've done a really great jobespecially considering how much they bidoff to get this ceiling done and thatalone is testament to a great living anddining room and a job well done that'sit[Applause][Music]

Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer are think the coffered ceiling is too cluttered.

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Australia’s longest running reality program returns for its 14th season.

Scott Cam will unleash a block challenge like no other – the infamous Gatwick Hotel in beachside St Kilda in Melbourne. With its grand sweeping staircase, high ceilings and historic architecture, it was purpose-built 80 years ago as a luxurious hotel. But for the past 50 years it has provided budget accommodation to the needy and vulnerable.

The Block airs Sunday – Wednesday on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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