Living Room 

Kenny in the living room part(119)

oh it's 350 that I go by troll now yeahmight be humble I don't believe thatwhole day go by fast I know why wait sogoodyeah I don't know that you take youaround you made ittalked about AP her be home for dinnerthen I cook a bill tomorrow the momsomewhat no Mike no one maybe dad thinksit so ma'am around every night huh maybebad thingit's up there wow what a mouth Montyit's been going on and on and on all daynot when I was outside but when I was inhere what[Music]then may go so we get something forsupper then Michael uncle to you I'msorry what TV let me go - okay and goodnight me get up coming aroundwhat my do ya say cook I cook Jojo now Imay not call me to my room B hey you forher tomorrow okay okay okay okay onemore I will know her be on talkbackstreets it's a dreamOmo Omo fourthand tomorrow you better take me get whatbut then you been dude no date tomorrowthat big dude okay let me get in alittle pill okay okay then go play ballokay okay John when dumper whoa okay ohbut that's for me sneezing born of no TVTV watch to act dumb right now right nowI'm at Michaelsnot workingit's your phone line okay modernly adate one anyhow where it's all whitemeat don't you say not you want take meback home you go trip home yeah what mywait up mama come okay okay finemommy come time is gone by slow now[Music]looking good okayno but you may well I can't look my bestfriendI found you getting out okayremember you can't take me you eatingyet oh yeah Michael take any mommy makeus a ten a here right now go take myfriend Kenny take care of me goal forfighting f3 yeah mama let me do my partwe'll go and take it like Goodluck meboy I love you I love that yeahyou'd be in daycare no I do not to fightbackso mom might come get yamy time you're being good good boywithout there being do okay okay we waita bityeah you like Johnny yeah you like Amyyeah no no don't like Jeffreyyeah like zebra yeah I miss him no mymom might say okay okay okay no no nocan't do not know more what outdoor okaymom again Oh Jan not make it tell whereoutdoor get love you be here no more barokay okay whoa no no more height I'mgone down get one bar bought my barcodeshut down okay okay honey okayyour bunny love me my bunnyJJ let me call my JJ for now yeahyogi waitanytime power


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