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Keeter Center | Gluten Free Dining | Branson MO | Dobyns Dining Room

so this night we ate at the keatorcenter at college of the Ozarks inBranson Missouri and they havefarm-to-table diningthere's also lodging at the keatorCenter but it's known as hard work youwhich provides an opportunity forfull-time students to work at one of ahundred and twenty campus jobs orindustries to pay for the cost of theireducation so students are charged notuition here so the host servers cooksBaker's at the keator Center arestudents working for their cost ofeducation and many are studying theculinary arts and Hotel and RestaurantManagement so this day we visited it'scalled a Dobbins dining room which is aunique fine dining experience and theculinary staff our students at the tableyou can actually see their mission andtheir vision and it tells you all aboutthe debt-free education here I'm so Iloved reading about all of that why wewaited for our meal they are a glutenfriendly restaurant they went above andbeyond helping me with my gluten freemeal options and it's just a beautifulatmosphere sometimes the studentsactually play the piano and things likethat now here is my gluten-free rollthey brought me a gluten-free roll withlike apple butter those are the rollsfor my husband which is not gluten-freeand this was his meal and then the mealthat I wanted what is actually not onthe gluten-free menu but they actuallymade it gluten they made what I wantedgluten-free so I could have it so I wassuper excited about that again they wentabove and beyond and there's my emptyplates because it was so good it was myhusband's birthday they brought him abirthday dessert and he also orderedthat cheesecake and they sang to himit brings a prison watch myself andeveryone here the cuter sirwe're gonna wish you a very happybirthday[Music]so this was the birthday dessert thatthey brought for him and then this wasthe dessert he ordered delicious look atthis beautiful atmosphere his birthdayis around Christmas time so just greatthis was our server he did an amazingamazing job and then these are mintsthey bring you at the end made by thestudents they were so good we reallyenjoyed our time here and I think eachtime we go to Branson Missouri thatwe're gonna make a trip here becauseit's just wonderfulnow as you walk into the restaurant theyhave this tree here showing all thedifferent desserts and that they offer Ithought that was super it's really neatto look at and then here's the bakery asyou're walking into the restaurant andthen this is the lobby um you can seekind of where some of the hotel roomsare on the top they have a section wherethey have student made products that youcan purchase again here's part of thehotel I'd love to stay there and thenthis is another part of their Lobby justa great atmosphere and we had lots offun they also had lots of pictures withsome of the presidents and thepresidents wives who has visited thecollege so highly highly highlyrecommend I love the restaurant and thewhole vision behind it helping thesestudents get a tuition free education socheck it out like us on Facebook andsubscribe to us on YouTube

Join us on our lovely evening of dining at the Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks. They were super accommodating with my gluten sensitivity, and knowledgeable about the subject. We will eat here again and again. We love their mission too! You’re not only going to get a fantastic meal, but you’re helping students get a debt-free education. www.facebook.com/TravelsWithTheBaldiloks

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