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Keeley Green brings her international interior design style to Australia

Australia is a multi-national country and it's very open I find, just like you are,very open to mix and match and put everything together but at the same timethe Australians are getting more and more sophisticated. They don't want tohave you know the idea of a hat with corks hanging around it, things like thatthey feel that they have, they need to develop something which is global and this iswhere Keeley comes in because she is a multi-national person herself. You wereliving in Florence, you live in England, you live in Australia, you've been all overthe place [expat childhood] and in the States; it's something of gathering all that.Like with how you design, I think when you're someone that loves designand you notice the details, then you take a little something from everywhere.Always, always, wherever you are.And if that works in with your style, then you can put that into your aesthetic.

Artist Amanda Ferragamo and interior designer Keeley Green talk about the new KGID studio in Brisbane, Australia.

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