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Kat & Casey Overview – Your home has value, so should your agents

hi I'm Kat hi I'm Casey I'm the mom andI'm the son so you want to sell yourhome you might be asking yourself shouldI use a real estate agent to do thatdoes a real estate agent really addvalue valid questions we asked ourselvesthe same thing before getting into thisand discovered that most agents reallydon't add that much valuesorry just call it like it is here's whymost agents will simply take some photosof your home maybe on their cell phonethey'll upload it to the MLS which thenshows up on some scattered websites likeTrulia Zillow ksl they might do an openhouse if you're lucky they'll bake yousome cookies they'll put a lockbox onyour door and they'll sit back and justwait for a buyer but you could do allthat yourself right so if you're gonnapay a real estate agent a commissionshouldn't you get a little bit more wethink so we created cat QC because afterselling dozens and dozens of homes wediscovered a secret that secret is yourhome is a product and must be marketedto create an emotional connection withthe buyer in order for an offer to bemade you might be asking yourself wellhow do I do that what is an emotionalconnection so an emotional connection iswhat that by our first season identifieswith with your home when they see it onlike 98 percent of all home purchasesstart online with the pictures that theyare viewing and with that opinions areformulated and those opinions carry withthem very heavily weighted emotionalconnections to that buyer they're askingthemselves what will my friends havebadly think when they pull up to thishome what will it be like to entertainmy friends and family to throw a goodparty to celebrate holidays to watch thebig game so all of these are importantconnections that buyer must be makingand being able to visualize themselvesliving in your home so does your homeyou vote positive emotions so thatpeople can see themselves living therelet's put it this way we see that about80% of homessome form of adjusting so that itappeals to the target buyer demographicthat we're going after you might beasking well it's been good enough for usand then be good enough for somebodyelse and that's a fair question butremember you're no longer selling yourhome a piece of you you're selling yourbuyer's dream model you're selling aproduct that's going to appeal to theright buyer so your goal is to maximizeyour profits and to do that we need toposition your home to the right buyerthat's where we come in with abackground in interior design decoratingand digital marketing in sales we havedeveloped a skill set to properly beable to stage market and mostimportantly sell your home over theyears we've built a sizeable inventoryof home decor items furnishings beddinglighting decor everything you canpossibly imagine we have over 10,000square feet of this stuff seriously ispretty impressive most of our clientswill need some degree of declutteringwhich means storing excess stuffsomewhere out of sight and some degreeof staging this means that we'll usesome of your stuff and some of our stuffcombined together to create the rightproduct this can be anywhere from acompletely empty home that needs tototally be staged - just a fewadjustments being made the bottom lineis whatever we do will be a game planspecifically designed just for you atyour home to optimize your home as aproduct to attract the right buyer sowho is the right buyer shouldn't you tryto sell your home to everyone notnecessarily remember your home is now aproduct on the market place and as aproduct your home has varied featuresand has a price point that will appealdifferently to different people forexample if your home is in anup-and-coming area with a value between250,000 to 400,000 the biggest potentialpool of buyers is likely going to bebetween 25 years old and 35 years oldthe most popular decorating style andthat demographic is likely going to be adecluttered mid-century modern Flairwith a neutral color palette dependingon the location price point and dozensof other variables your home'spositioningbe a little different okay so we've gotyour home staged and ready to sell sohow do we find the right buyer intoday's online and social media drivenworld if you're not showing up insomebody sweet they don't know about youwe've developed a proven strategy forfinding the right buyers online the twomost important aspects of marketingonline are one having compelling contentand two targeting the right buyers ourteam will create a variety of digitalcontent pieces like high-end photographyof your entire home and HGTV stylewalkthrough video and dozens of otherdigital pieces of content that will bedesigned to catch buyers attentiononline and drive in-person showings ofyour home we're also the resident realestate sales and staging experts for theAmerican Dream TV show which airslocally here in Utah and ABC eachepisode of the show features one of ourlistings which gets seen by thousands ofpeople across Utah this is phenomenalexposure for your home okay so here'sthe best part we do all of this for thesame commission as any other abrogationon the market pretty cool right why dowe do all this for the same amount ofpay as any other agent our guidingphilosophy in business and in life forthat matter is we do it because we canso we should we have skills andresources that make the selling of realestate faster more enjoyable and we'reprofitable for our clients and there'snothing more satisfying than knowingthat you've brought true value to thoseyou work with if you're ready to sellyour home and you'd like us to come outfor a free home value assessment andHome Staging consultation give us a callor send us an email and we'll find atime to get together so don't delay giveus a call today we look forward to beingpartners with you in this process ofhelping you get the most value for your[Music]

Kat & Casey explain how their unique approach to home staging and digital marketing can mean less time on market and more money in your pocket.

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