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Kährs interior design trends

but again scale is a sec of course yesdo I got the best job I get to helppeople transform their houses into homesI get to help them find a unique styleusing colors furniture and materials Ithink a home to reflect the people wholive thereit'll last over time through trendsthat's why it's so important to usesustainable materials like food forexample in this kitchen I've chosen oakfloor with a grey brown color with lotsof knots and color variations thatenhances his country feel in theinterior it's also got a matte lacquerwhich gives it a very durable surfaceand is easy to clean if you looking forminimalistic style like this now whydoes floor enhances a clean simple lookit's as durable as oak but has a blondeScandinavian fuel the opposite tominimalistic can be found on this oldcountry house for the smoked oiled overfloor enhances that rustic interior thebrushed and scraped surface the bigknots and cracks gives to draw a vintagelook perfect for this environment[Music]in large phases like this I recommendusing a wider and longer board andbecause it's so much creativity andcolor happening here I decided to use acalm natural colored oak floor which isperfect this playroomdepending on what floor you choose itwill completely change your interior goto shafts com2 tried different laws indifferent settings[Music]

Famous interior designer gives advice how to choose best floor for yout home.·
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