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Just Released Design of Pendant in Green, Purple, Blue Colours

come to the Brisbane opal Museum we'vegot the lovely Ashley behind the videotoday and I'm Susie and we have thegorgeous Holly who is our model andstylist today and she's wearing thisreally interesting little boulder opalpendant I feel like this one's a reallynatural earthy shape very simple not abig shape at all so if your style isvery simple and very understated thenthis one would be good for you sure nicegreens and purples and a little bit ofblue in there as well and then a naturaliron stone base to it we see peepingthrough as well remember we're orderingonline at the Brisbane local museumshipping is anywhere in the world two tofive business days and when you receiveyour beautiful opal you don't love it asmuch as we do you are welcome to returnit for a full refundenjoy

Interesting Piece of Opal Pendant Jewellery – Natural Earthly Shape it is simple piece, nice green purple blue in colours, it is natural ironstone, nice shape and size. For Natural Opal Jewellery from the website in the featured video, please go to For information about opal or visit the Opal Museum in Brisbane Australia go to

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