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Joetta Talks Real Estate | Staging Your Home

so we're gonna take some photographs ofthis great new listingit's a previous client of mine and shebought this house when she was in hertwenties and so I'm excited for her andshe embarks on her new journey and I'mgonna show you what we do to get a housereadyoh right now the thing that we're gonnado is we are going to get the houseready for[Music]and so the main thing that you wanna dois[Music]so readyanything that's here off therefrigerator all of that stuff is open[Music]hey so that was hit that was awesomeso I will definitely show you guys thepictures be able to see how phenomenalthe house is a spirit cute

Ideas for staging your kitchen for photography. Joetta Talford is the broker-in-charge of Talford Realty International.

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