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hey guys it's Jennifer with Oklahomateam and I have been getting a lot ofcomments about the videos I've beenmaking about listing your home tips andtricks to get the most for your home andto get it sold the fastest - so Ithought I'd make another video I get alot of questions on listing appointmentsfrom people when they want to sell theirhome but they actually already have abrand new home that they're moving intoand so they always say should we leavethe house empty to sell or isn't itbetter if we leave some of our furniturebehind to help stage the home well theanswer is it depends of course ingeneral if you're questioning betweenthe two it's always better to leave itempty an empty home helps the rooms feelbigger and helps people to envisiontheir own style their own furniture inthe space plus a lot of times thefurniture that you can live without inyour brand-new home is the old furniturethat you've had since like college daysor the bachelor pad furniture and so ifit's not new and contemporary it'sactually just going to date and to makethe home feel older so in general betterto have nothing however the times thatit is a good idea to stage the home iswhen you have a room or rooms that areflex spaces so unlike a master bedroomor a kitchen they could be used for acouple of different purposes so forinstance I wanted to show you this houseas an example so this is a beautifulhome that we have listed the couple hasalready moved out they have a beautifulnew home on the lake that they've movedto and and so they have the exact samequestion so what I suggested is we don'tneed to stage this living room it'sobviously a living room and it'sactually flanked in between the kitchenand if you can see here the fireplace sothere's no question it's a living roomwith no furniture in it it actuallymakes it look bigger which is great andit's pretty easy to know how to set upfurniturein this space however this room everytime we have buyers come in they look atit and they just kind of get thisquestionable look on their face likewhat would I do with that space so it'sa space right off of the living room umit's not a study it's not a formaldining room it's obviously not a bedroomwhat would we do with itso in this case we actually hired aninterior designer to come in and stagedthis space so for about $250 a month shebrought in some furniture now noticethat it's set up like a sunroom okayhonestly it's probably not set up howsomeone would have it for everydayliving instead what it does is it justgives a couple of pops of color it givesa personality to the room it's that'salso important because as you can seeit's right across from the front door sowhen people come in this front doorthat's the first thing that they see soit's it just gives a visual welcome andit kind of shows people okay I could setthis up as kind of a sitting readingroom it just could be a second livingspace so it gives them an idea of whatto do with that room so that then theycan kind of move on to other roomsanother room that we also furnished isthis other space that really Flinx onthe other side of the living room and isopen the homeowners used it as a librarythey lined the walls with bookcases andbooks which would work just fine and butthe reason that we set it up as a formaldining room is the the floor plan wasbuilt with this as a formal dining ofspace you can tell with a light fixturein there it works really well as aformal dining room space and it givesvisual measurement so a buyer can comein here and say okay my table is aboutthat size that we would want to put inin there or a little bit bigger and Ican see that that's okay because we havea little bit of extra space so it justgives visual measurement to the room aformal dining room space very oftenpeople will just stand in there andstare at it and try to imaginetheir table in the space and it's hardto tell if it's too big or too smallso that just gave visual measurement tothe room so you usually don't need tostage things like secondary bedroomstheir bedroom people know what to dowith those rooms a master bedroom maybebut really all you kind of need is a bedand if the room is on the medium tosmaller end because people the onlything that they're thinking in theirmind is will my bed fit in here so willa king-sized bed fit in this room inthis case these were the only two roomsthat were questionable as far asfunctionality and size so we only neededto spend the money to put furniture inthere for two rooms rather than anentire home so think about letting thebuyer envision their own style in a homeokay so don't leave your old furniturein in a home just to have furniture in ahome but also just give the give roomsthat have multi functions and havequestions like what would I do with thisroom give them a purpose with somefurniture so that's my tip for emptyhomes or homes that aren't lived in givethem just a little bit of love take awayany objection any question that a buyermight have about buying your home andloving it just as much thanks so much

Jennifer shares the best tips & tricks for helping your home sell. She answers frequently asked questions about staging and how to set up flex spaces, and gives tips on styling your house while it’s on the market.

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