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Janine Igliane Talks Staging Homes For Sale

I often get asked about staging whyshould i stage my home let me first saythat staging isn't always about bringingin a home full of furniture staging isabout showing off the beautiful featuresof the home so if you're living in yourhome while it's on the market you'llwant to focus on decluttering and bepersonalizing if the home is empty thenyes bringing in furniture would be idealbecause often buyers like vision andimagining what the home could look likerooms can appear smaller than they arewhen emptyultimately it's about showing off allthe beautiful features of the home everytime you sell a home that's been stagedwe sell it for more money and fasterit's a fact it works

In this video Janine talks about the importance of staging a vacant home for sale, and why it can increase the profit you make on the home, while ultimately lowering the days on market.

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