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Jan Green On The Weekly Closer Podcast EP 147

[Applause][Music]hello realist agents and welcome to theweekly closer I'm your host JeffUnderwood along with my co-host and theproducer of the showJoey Sampha guy there there welcome Joeyhow you doing wait you've already beenhere yeah hey we are the real estatemarketing maniacs absolutely we've got agreat guest with us todayyes is Jan green with home smart and theelite group with Bobby liebe and she isgoing to be talking about something thatwe haven't talked about at allwith the hundred and fifty whateverepisodes we have out there now sowelcome Jan hello thanks for having meyeah for surenow we're gonna talk some green we knowI guess a little bit of saving green butalso building green yes the questionbefore we even get startedOh so green did your last name justhappens to be green yeah if it's myactually it's my adopted name I like totell people the green adopted means yeahI got it okay well that's good that'sgood yeah it is really goodwhy don't we introduce you to the agentslet them know how long you've been inthe business and what compelled you toget into real estate ah yeah well I'vebeen in business abaga 16 years thisfall and I got into real estate afterrelocating from state to state and Iwatched everybody else selling it and Iwas the last one out the door vacuumingbackwards so I just decided I know howthis works and I changed careers aftergoing to school for a couple years andgot my license in OH - all right Oh -all here in the valley yes okay yes allright and what about the green so howlong have you been focused on greenenergy and efficiency in all assets Istarted studying it in the fall of Ohseven and really well you know it justclicked with me that everything that itwas about was something I wanted to dobecause I grew up in Kansas verysustainable with my mom selling antiquesout of our garagewhat part of Kansas flipping antiques uhWichita okay yeah I'm from Missourisouthwest Missouri so down by Joplin ohyeah cousin Davina Missouri is therelook at the town just Springfield yeahwhat's the collagen yep been there manymany many times all right you're rightthere in like tornado alley right oh youbetcha Wichitayeah for sure so you've been studying itand in it ten plus years or whatever nowand you've got like lots of credentialslots of things you're involved with Imean volunteer work what I have here USGreen Building Council yes rightdirector of a few director of them I'm adirector de scottsdale area Associationof Realtors I'm an instructor there Ijust created the first sustainablecommittee I believe in Maricopa Countymeeting the only committee that willstay around since we're brand new knowthat Steve I brought these volunteerswith me from they also volunteered myother committee for US Green BuildingCouncil the residential committee yeahyeah so and I'm an advisory board memberon efficiency first Arizona they're anon-profit so I'm the realtor Arizonarealtor advisory board member for themyeah it's easier for you to tell peopleyeah it's a long list of stuff andgreening the MLS and all kinds ofprojects have been wearing a constructoras well yeah yeah I teach agents how tosell homes with these features for moremoney huh so yep reason raising the barwe like to call it for values there yougo into that absolutely what I got toget into green you should do it yeahthat's a good project I need to sign upfor one of your classes there you go anytime you're now volunteered you're gonnastep up and what do they say I volunteeras tribute plate anyway so what got youwhat first made you look at green andyou know I tell you what in November ofoh seven the National Association ofRealtors convention was in Vegas and Ihappened to read that there was an ecobroker from California that was going tobe speaking and telling all about herbusiness and what she did and I wasreally intrigued and I went by myselfI'm not a gambler but went to Vegas bymyself and sat through that and I was Iwas lit I said I wanted to change myniche the market had changed I had timenow that market was slowing downstarting to I'm gonna get into that andso I did you know the best form offlattery is replication rightyeah that's really cool so I built awebsite a consumer website got Green Dotinfo for vendors and anybody about ahundred vendors on there yeah and thenyou know started into educating and youknow just go visiting vendors and thehome shows and introducing myself andmeeting people and learning aboutproducts ya know so Joey and I we justdid this past month in a way we did a awebinar for security title and it wasall about finding your niche yeah sowhen I hear somebody say you know thisis kind of the niche that I've gotexcited about and yep how has thatimpacted you as far as the excitementyou still have for real estate yeahright and then becoming known for thatspecific thing you know I think it'shelped tremendously because people lovethe advanced level of knowledge I'm whenI walk in the house I call it birddogging me for Kansas should you walkinto the house and while they're lookingat the granite countertops I'm lookingfor four walls parapet walls I'm lookingto see that possibly how its insulated Ilook for things they don't even know I'mdoing and then when we go through theinspection process we I look at itdifferently and I give them acomplimentary energy audit so they havethe full aspect of home ownership yeahso it's it's that level of knowledge andwhat you provide really gets youreferrals and repeat businessyeah oh I would imagine from anywhere -right yeah yeah from all aspects Ireally don't advertise so well you don'tadvertise got green and all well I usedto I used to be in Green Living magazinein places like that and those people arestill my friends and I'll go to theirevents in fact that's where I ran intothe marketing team for homesmart Greenis a big thing it really is and and it'sbecoming more and more you knowprevalent the homeowners are more awareof it I think it was a 2015 or 16 studyfrom nor where they said that 84 percentof consumers either you know interestedor very interested in their utilitybills absolutely sure wasn't coming outof their pocket yeah and it's nice to beright and it's not getting cheaperThanks you're not going down what areyour thoughts on solar I know this is atotally different direction but that'sokay I love soexcept for a couple things you know theleast Solar has made it a real gummed upsales process because people don't wantto assume somebody else's like a creditcard payment and you know even thoughtheir energy savings included you knowthe utility companies really kind ofwant to gouge us I mean in certainterritories they're gonna pay an extra$50 to have solar panels on the roofyeah if leased are owned but own solarpanels do have value absolutely yeah andyou have to be able to know that salesproject process and reject an appraiserwho doesn't know how to value sourcebecause Tesla yes starting to sell theirstuff like to own like they are but youhave to be careful about the financedsolar you always have to make sure thatyou're getting the rebates that you ownthose solar panels and that they're notstill leased under the under the guiseof being financed you have to be carefulread all the fine print yeah for sureyeah so they were coming out with somewas it is it Tesla and I'm the rooftopyeah yeah you know the cost is stillpretty prohibitive yeah still until theyget more I'm sure I did the calculationon my fifteen hundred square foot 1979house I think it was gonna be thirtythousand dollars for those little tilesso that might a while thirty thousand ohI was trying to figure out did I hear athirty and you know what because I'vemade my 1979 house as energy efficientas a new house I don't really need solarpanels so there's ways to lower yourbill and do them do an energy auditenergy assessment first and get theprescriptive path of how to lower yourbillsthe cheapest you know return oninvestment all the way up to solar peasthat's sixty five percent better myhouse is actually $69.99 I actually justgot my house pearl certified yeah oncethrough that process well you know whatthree years ago I rented out my 2007house and I bought a 1979 jewel with theoriginal features it was the one thing Iliked about it is it had new windows andit had a new roof yeah have shag carpetuh-huh Brown used to be whiteRipple's like waves in it it was bad youknow anyway so I I did an energy auditand what they'll do is they'll give youa report it's a prescriptive path offrom the least expensive you knowwhatever you can change all the way upto the most expensive which is an HVACunit so I I did everything the onlything I don't have on my roof is solarpanels and I've got LEDs I've got sealedducts I have spray foam in the Attic youknow I've done in Energy Star appliancesso I've done everything I could dooutside of solar so my averageyear-round bill on this 1979 1500 squarehouse is $77 know what hey yep reallyeven yes summer times yep I just paid107 dollarsyeah but average my lowest is 41 so I'monly paying 20 bucks really an actualpower in the wintertime you know and Iwork from home my whole office is athome I'm so I seldom go to any anybody'sofficewould you mind sharing what you paid toget Pearl certified well yeah it's only400 $69okay for that before your I mean yourhouse yourself at the house yeah whatdid you what did I buy it for well noI'm like how much do you have to putinto itoh okay outside of the gut job I didyeah oh yeah everything I would say it'sI was ballparking between 13 and 15thousand when yeah I have a 16 sir trainI i sealed my ductwork uh-huh you knowthe LEDs it really probably is closer tothirteen thousand one and and you knowwhat the payback is fast sealing yourducts is one of the best ways becauseyou can lower your bill becausetypically that's a 20% energy loss hmmthat's an average yep and I was justgonna say for somebody that maybe theydon't want to do a fool you know blown12 to 15 what are some yeah what aresome simple ways to really very simplethe first thing you do is you put inLEDs every bulb that burns output inLEDs that the second one definitely dosunscreens on your west and south facingwindows in the summer and take them offin the winter let that Sun heat yourhouse up in the winter but sunscreensinsulation sealing your ducts is cheapersometimes in insulation it depends onwhat youso what so what I did was I said sprayfoam up against the lid of the roofunderneath underneath the roof and thatmakes your attics conditioned space onthe actual lid yep underneath it yeahyes yeah but it just stick it stick iton sticks right on there and you makeyour attic a semi conditioned space yourductwork is now operating at a coolertemperature it doesn't make your systemwork as hard yeah but I have a new 16sore train anyway but then and of coursemaintenance and habits are huge sure youhave to have a good programmablethermostat you know smart thermostatsthe best yeah you know nest oh yeah yeahthere's other brands to eco bees yep yepthat one huh so you could do that buthabits are great people often timesforget they leave they're gone all dayand their conditioning pumping at about75 you just can't do that yeah I justrecently reprogram mine yesI guess the when electric is most whatthey call that the peak the peak uh yeahbut you know to that the rates justchanged if you're in ApS territory soreally what they want you to do is notuse to-220 appliances at the same timeyou want to even out your flow cuz ifyou're running a couple of things like adishwasher and a washing machine at thesame time yeah then that's gonna raiseyour your you're paying a peak rate atthat point sure so you'd want to levelout what your what your operating yeahyeah if you see light through the frontdoor that is a problem big problem andyou want to stop the heat before it hitsthe house people say oh I'm gonnaattempt my windows well tent is okayit's better that was yeah but youstopped the heat before it hits thatwindow outside with sunscreens Greendefinitely we talked about what you'vedone so that pearl certified anythingelse you want to share on that yeah youknow it's really cool they're new toArizona pearl is and they're a partnerof an Energy Star Department of EnergyAppraisal Institute Building PerformanceInstitute and National Association ofRealtors so the pearl pearl is more apoints-based system and they don'trecognize water savings as much as aNational Association home buildercertification so for instance I didn'thave my landscaping done yet because I'mnot gonna do it right now when it's 115outsideLandscaping doesn't like to be plantedat that heat so I didn't have it doneyet and I heard that Pearl was comingand I said oh perfect cuz I've doneeverything else you know sunscreens thewhole bit right and I made the goldcertification there's silver gold andplatinum okay so you still have platinumto go I have platinum to go but thatwould probably involve solar yeah and Iprobably shade trees I really don't wantto plant trees I have to clean up afteryou know I'm north-south orientation butso squirrel do they great they grade itbased off of the yeah what's in it Ishowed them all my on all my receiptsthey did they'd in the then get anotherblower door test which is how they theyseal off the house to see how leaky itis they're gonna run a test and sureenough it tested accurately for what Ihad done so they could verify thoseresults but they're gonna they're gonnawant to check your home and verify itand they do have someone that comes indoes that and then they report back toPearlyou can visit Pearl's certification isthat is that similar to hers her homeenergy rating score that's like a golfscore a miles per gallon for your houseso the lower the number the better youknow the current construction in Arizonais anywhere from fifty to sixty five myhouse is actually a 65 in 1979 when istarted when i bought it in 2015 it wasa 174 Wow yeah so really that's how youlower your bills and it's third-partytested that that certification is what alender would use to send throughunderwriting to add energy-efficientmore features to a mortgage yeah so thather score is needed for that yeah allright so what about the so tell us moreabout the the movement in general I knowyou said that a lot of flairs are kindof on on this yes you know on to toreally help with this zero what did youcall it zero energy and energy efficientyeah Department of Energy came out withtheir zero energy certification for ahouse and there are builders in Arizonastarting that process there's some herein Phoenix there's some up in Cottonwoodand press kit and I believe Flagstaff sothe the push for zero energy homesis greater than it's ever been and it'sactually in the education for realtordesignations now so you're saying peoplethat want to pay like zero bill I getcalls for people that want to beoff-grid yeah Hines is not often I meanhow it's that yes there are if they arein Arizona yeah it's just every now andthen I'll get a call like that that'sgreat so it's just the middle of thedesertI'd say a County Island you know tryingto but it's it's more than I think iseven allowed to go off grid Latinodivision they are it's a differentprocess and I haven't helped anybodywith that kike ant speak specifically tojust specific yeah yeah yeah butdefinitely there are there's a leagueinterests people I got a call from abuilder in California looking for aplace to go off grid and I gave him someideas and I haven't heard back so yousent him there and he hasn't returnedyeah I don't know not return from thedesert goshwhat about gosh what were they goingwith this so zero energy we've talkedabout that so older houses you gave someadvice already yes definitely yep firstthing is you go to your utilities siteApS or SRP sign up for an energy auditit's $99 it's subsidized currently bythe utility companies otherwise it'd be400 bucksoh okay so you want to get that energyon it for $99 first they give you thereport they'll give you ideas of what todo that's how you start all right and weare seeing a little bit of a society Ithink is starting to maybe maybe it'seven younger generation maybe yeahMillennials and you know that group Ithink they're seeing a lot more orthey're starting to get that mindset yesa lot more than yes you know I want itto be energy-efficient or I want green Iwant it to be you know safe for theplanet or whatever right yeah my want asmaller footprint yep actually I justwrote a contract you know this pastweekend for someone who is in that agerange and once I started looking and Isaid you know this one has a new airconditioner and this one doesn't and sothen I'm telling her well we're gonna doan energy audit we're gonna do a homeinspection we're gonna put a homewarranty on that just in case you knowthis one blows up on us you know so butshe was more aware than most of mybuyers soit was interesting they I think they dopay attention to a lot more so than thansome of us right yep oh yeah energyaudit so you give that as a gift to themyes and that's another company that doesthat it is complimentary and then it'sjust one per client otherwise I couldkeep going on but yeah it's it's anotherlevel of knowledge and it's above andbeyond home inspection because a homeinspection is gonna tell you theefficiency of the system they're gonnatell you it works or not yeah right allright yeah how about the you were gonnashare a little bit the importance ofgreen when it comes to real estate forconsumers yeah but also for value ohthat's a biggie that's a real there's abig difference the the process is thatwhen you start to sell a house obviouslyyou know you're gonna have a lenderthat's gonna send an appraiserwell that appraiser mary may not beeducated so in the past with US GreenBuilding Council my committee we've wehave hosted making me nervous sorry sothere's an appraisal Institute has hascourses that appraisers can take and beeducated and I've hosted those courseshere in Arizona about 20 times throughthose courses three times their two-daycourses so having sat through there Iknow specifics of what appraisers aregonna be doing and what they need toknow yeah so the key is to stop theappraiser before they even get to thehouse to make sure that they have takenthe courses they're educated or don'tappraisals with homes with thesefeatures yeah if not that you won't getany value yeah so because there is awebsite there is mythology methodologyfor getting value for own solar panelsso how do we even because we don't pickthe appraiser right but I can reject anappraiser and then I can send them alist from the appraisal institutewebsite we have about 25 appraisers heregive or take no you can reject theappraiser here's a list of ones youshould be called and really it's justyou have to call the minute you get acontract you have to call them and sayhey do you have a green qualifiedappraiser and if they don't well I havea list and I can send you that list thishas worked I've done it for other agentsand yeahone day I'm gonna get paid for thatseason but but it is honestly what youcan look on my website there's somethere's some Realtors and given thegreat feedback from doing it so that'sgreat so is there like a I mean anincrease of price for a moreenergy-efficient home let's say you gotone yepyou know two houses sitting there one'smore energy-efficient than the other Imean what's the yes you can there thereis a way to calculate the energy savingsand add value the actual calculation isreally you'd have to take the the solarcourse that's offered by elevate energyI exact I actually reviewed and andrespond recommended the course but ifyou give it to me in advance to reviewbut yeah there's a solar course you cantake as a realtor and a consumer andthen they give you the guidelines of howto address that what kind of value youcan't I had a guy call me the other daythis is a good example he had he had aclient that had a big owned system butthey owed $30,000 on this owned solarpanel system so he added twenty thousanddollars to list price I said wait aminuteyou owe 30 thousand it's generally worthsomewhere near 30 cents on the dollaryeah yeah so twenty thousand dollarincrease is not accurate and don't putsolar on your house to sell it yeahyou're immediately upside down that'sright so and the lease is gonna slowdown the sale yeah yeah so there's alittle caveat so you have to be carefulabout value yeah oh yeah I've had somebowers buyers actually that have notmoved forward on a house that had solaryep Lisa Lisa that's why because theydon't want that and sometimes they'lldrop the price because of that leasesolar even though they don't recognizethe future energy savings they recognizethe utility company it's gonna be on topof that yeah actually recently sold onewhere they took over the lease yes andthey can do that if you if you're if youqualify for FICO score I mean we've got399 solar companies here yeah and theydon't operateyes yes and they don't all operate thesame you know you could have won thatsay okay you gotta have a 650 fight goscore to assume this lease and if youdon't you can pay $100 I mean it's kindof an interesting way to make moneyhow fast do you think the technology forsolar changes you know it's increasinggetting better all the time theefficiency of solar so much better andit only do grades you know I have to 1%a year in efficiency but what peopledon't realize is solar once thetemperatures are over 100 degrees theefficiency of what power that solarsystem is producing declines so reallyyes I believe it's over 105 degrees tobe accurate yep yep so right now over105 degrees whatever you fishin seedrops that's interesting yeah and theinverters last somewhere around 7 to 10I was gonna ask the maintenance on thatI mean yeah I wonder if there are statsout there on how often and what the costis for maintenance well you don't reallypay maintenance okay for the least onesyeah for the least yeah well you knowwhat they recommend just blow the dirtoff of them you know and keep the birdsoff of him down the bird spikesunderneath I'm gonna be coke we got tobe careful about calcium buildup fromthe water so be careful but you couldask you could call the solar company andask him if they have any recommendationsI would do that first before I didanything myself oh yeah for sure yeahI'm not supposed to get on the roofright right rightespecially that style yeah so I wantedwe talked before about tiny homes comingto this valley yes I am super excitedyeah I'm part of a group I did learn ofa new tiny home community they are zonedsingle-family it's gonna be in Tempethere's gonna be 17 of them with thecommunity building and so those arecoming out next summer I I don't knowexact square footage off top my head Ithink it's about 650 give or take yeahit's a lot it's gonna be nice and so I'mreally excited to be part of a group torecreate that community else we'rehaving a community yeah inside therethat way you want to do stuff mm-hmmbecause how should you be there to andthe water score on those should be greatI mean a walk score if you got a long toscore comm you can look and plug in yourown house and see what rating you get Idon't know how accurate that is becausemine didn't come up with a great walkscore in it has such walkability but Ithink if you if you look at thepotential for somebody to walk or bikecool yeah I think a lot of people arelooking for that now yeah no we are notnot so much the outskirts where oh man Igot to drive 10 miles yeah and luckilyyou know we're coming back to the driveto you qualify for you you're buying onthe outskirts of town but you know therecovery happened more in town which isnice to see you know so it's still stillgoing on so yeah there's a lot happeningchandler-gilbert mm-hmm yeah centralPhoenix for sure yeah yeah I'd like tosee a tiny home community there that benice that would be we might see more ofthat yeah be great get a good investor Ithink a lot of people are watching itonline Oh watching on TV with all thereand by the way it shows almost forgotthat tiny home community and Tempe isgonna be LEED certified so it's gonna besuper energy efficient Wow yeah and LEEDis a leadership and energy environmentaldesign is as promoted and and offered byUS Green Building Council okay yeah sothe the group that's building that dothey are they coming here have they'vedone this in other places not thatcommunity's not type know this is afirst and so I'm really excited to beinvolved and kind of to recreate thatagain somewhere else yeah yeah that'sall really cool any any last pointers tothe real estate agents that are watchingor listening before we move to the nextsegment anything you definitely wantthem to you know it'd be really nice ifthey would get to know and be excitedand learn about this because it is notthe future it's now yeah and if youdon't have that knowledge you're gonnabe left behindyeah so yeah it's critical so just whenyou do your classes just say want tolearn how to make more green yeah theymight show up for that one right yeahgreen it's all about money and I thinkthat's what I was thinking of when Ibuilt my vendor site that's forconsumers since we've got Green Dot infocuz I was like hey you got green or notyou know yeah cuz it's gonna get youthere's been great informationappreciate that if something if somebodydoes want to reach out to you directlyhow do they do that sure you can call meat six oh two six two oh two six ninenine or visit got Green Dot info orGreen Realty calm all right all rightthanks to ELISA right yeah so where Igot you on the show here and yes sherocks it over at security title theysure does yeah absolutelyaren't you ready to get in the ring sureall right here we goshe's like how we're in the ring now youready oh you want to put the mask on Ithink that's all right all right I'vegot extra masks - what's the best advicethat anyone's ever given you the bestadvice I guess a new agent I remembersomebody's telling me don't spend abunch of money on advertising don'tspend money learn as much as you canwithout paying for it all righthow about your favorite mobile app Ilike home snap yes for clients yeah yepgood book recommendation oh gosh well Ijust read and reread a Jerry you tellsonbook about green homes okay so he he'slike the the god of green he's writtenabout eight books really Jerry util sin'anything from him you can read aboutgreen yeah yeah all righthow about a Productivity tool orsoftware that you use on a regular basisproductivity tool I you I subscribe tothe conference report for sure you knowand I use lion desk as a CMA yep yeahyeah - yeah and I blog regularly Oh -yep love to blog what's your blog it'sactiverain calm fresh and green allright Oh an active rain yeah I am I amtops in Scottsdale so yeah we'll justbehind that one - oh you bet - yeahabsolutelyand one final question we'll have youdraw from the mask I can't read thiswriting okay yeah it's my Reggie justwriting actually I think this is a Joeyis ready who's your favorite singer orband in high school oh my goshwe'll have to be journey our journeyhave to be journey in fact my daughter'sbought me the box set not that long agoso what's your favorite song my favoritesong from journey is it faithfully Ithink it yeah I like that one is thatthe that's the group that has the theyoung singer now yes they found on youthey no longer have Steve Perry yeah wefound him on YouTube I think yeah hesounds okay yeah he's like of coursehe's a little bit like oh yeah so Iremember reading his story about how hehis mom had those and he was she was asingle mom and even listening he wouldlisten to just German yesand so he would just sing along with itand probably for years it took him yearsI mean he's not quite Steve Perry yeahwell he never that's right that's rightthank you so much for being on thanksBen great information I'm super excitedjust about the tiny house thing yes umbecause I want to see how that developsso much hey guys if you have questionsyou can reach out to Jan I'm sure theinformation got Green Dot info so forthat and thanks to security titlestudios as well as FidelioNational Party yes[Music]hey guys till next time we will see youlater I'm Jeff Underwood and JoeyCempaka buh-bye

EP 147: Jan Green talks about green design, energy efficient houses, and tiny homes (iTunes
On this episode, Jan Green with HomeSmart and founder of shares her knowledge regarding green design and energy efficient houses. Jan is an ECO Broker and NAR Green Designee. She is very involved with the green movement as an instructor and volunteer for multiple organizations. Jan shares ideas about making older homes more energy efficient as well as some of the newest technology that is being included in new developments. She even shares a little about a Tiny House community coming to the valley. Enjoy this informative episode.

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