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“It’s My Life”_No Doubt_ – drum cover – by chad knauer – LiViNg RoOm SeSsiOnS –

I LoVe AbSoLuTeLy LOVE GWEN!!!! She KnOw HoW To grOoVe!!! I Totally Love Jammin To this It Moves me big time!!! Love what song bout too!!! N I got this from a very special place and playlist!! Makes it even better foir me!!! JaM On N PeAcE….So i HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY IMMENSELY!! PLEASE LET ME KNOW COMMENT – LIKE – SHARE – SUBSCRIBE!!!!
THANK YOU SOOO INCREDIBLY MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO WATCH, LISTEN AND ENGAGE!!! I TRULY HOPE YOU ENJOY! I know im not totally conventional and uniquely raw sounding but im only self taught and actually dig not being conventional. Just love the euphoria from playing!! N’ learning n’ building my percussion vocabulary!! SO I CAN NOT THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH!! I WANT ALL TO BE ENTERTAINED AND ENJOY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE N THAT I CAN POSSIBLY GIVE YOU!!! SO…..I PROMISE TO BE CONSTANTLY ON IT AND ALWAYS ENHANCING AND BUILDING MY PERCUSSION VOCABULARY!! SO YOU ARE FULLY ENTERTAINED AND TRULY ENJOY AND IT ONLY GETS BETTER!!! Please if you would be so graciously kind and only if you truly do, LOL, PLEASE _ LIKE _ SHARE _ OR SUBSCRIBE_!!! That would BE SOOOOO AWESOME AND APPRECIATED !!! AND I WILL KEEP A POSTING FOR Y”ALL!!! THANK YOU SO DEEPLY!! PeAcE and JaM On!!

COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: This video is not intended to infringe on any copyright laws in any way. It is the well deserved copyrighted property of its respective owner(s). I do not own any rights to this song. I just love playing and want to share with others.

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