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hi gang so I'm here today kind of livesome students are in here in the inhouse and we're recording as we go soyou'll probably be able to see some ofthe other students in this or hear theirvoices too which is school askingquestions today we're going to talkabout some of that cool elements ofvideo and our actual elements ofEducation how to put them all togetherfor these agile projects so we canactually talk to stakeholders andclients virtually that's what we do inthe real world today as computer techsIT professionals we're all learning tohelp each other and share technology andcommunication abilities but one we'realso having the fries in all this workto stakeholders and clients especiallyif you're an agile team other teams wantto know what you're doing the kind ofreally cool element to this and gettingmore into technology is using premier asa background kind of editing softwarewe're going to talk about a little bitlater but the front end of this whichI've been working with myself andthinking about how you guys can utilizethis one it's the same as I did with mystakeholders and VPS is I actually usegreen-screen systems to where I wouldbring my vice-presidents in anddifferent aspects of stakeholders intoshoots and drop them into theseeducational videos or training videos atthe end and for an overall greatpresentation if you notice in thebackground I'm going to turn for asecond this is what's called a greenscreen or a chroma key in the oldlanguage Premiere and some of the otherprograms called ultra keys they are anelement that is really not in naturethis green is not a real green that we'dfind if we took it out into the jungleor your backyard and laid it on thegroundit's very obtuse it does not have thesame connection to anything so acomputer well actually if we think aboutit see ymk cyan magenta yellow black canchrome out and catalog this so we canselect this later and the computer willunderstand just this weird signature andpull it out it's what will do it make itvanish one of the big things about thisand I left the screen wide so you cansee this was all bought on Amazon by theway very cheap you don't have to buy allthis stuff there's tricks to do it Ilike these little tiny light stands andumbrellas because everylike kind of softer the same with thesefront two elements which I'll talk aboutin a minute but the key is you want tobe able to have the same type of lightbulbs if you look I dropped thisbackground it got dark and you want tohave your lights set up I'm gonna vanisha little bit darker here for a secondI'll turn these lights back on so thatthey're at 45-degree angles so that youhave a 90 so you'll notice that I'mlooking at this area here is now allfilled with light kind of the sametemperature the same style and light isactually measured in Kelvin if youdidn't know that there's a heat level onthese bulbs and these are kind of thewhite balanced 50k hundred they callthem daylight balanced fluorescent bulbsso you don't I won't have that greencolor to me regular fluorescent bulbswill have that green texture we don'twant that so make sure if you useinvolved you kind of read them and lookyou're gonna want to look at the Calvinrating or once it's a daylight balancetoday so that your skin tones andeveryone else will turn all natural youwon't have to go in the editing processand change that it can be done but Idon't want you guys to have to do thatso just kind of pay attention to lightbulbs now at home I have kind of areally unique setup I went to Walmartand got one of these was pretty samecolor I took a piece and looked at thatgreen and saw it and I just literallyused thumbtacks and tacked it to thewall behind my desk so you don't have tobuy a stand this whole setup was under ahundred dollars but you can usehousehold bulbs two lamps on the samearea just set them on stands set themnext to you can be sitting so that yourlower but the key is so they're hiringup so if you have glasses on and we'llsee the front ones which are set forjust lighting mewell not reflecting your glasses willkeep the same temperatures but moreimportantly the big thing is lightingthis chroma key this ultra background sothat's as even in light as you can getit's a kind of a really important factorbecause it requires less work in thebackground I tell all my students and Itry to teach them a little bit about thephysics and you guys are going physicsno thank youI'm out of here if you think aboutphysicswe can understand light temperatureeverything together pretty quickly theinverse square law states that lightfrom any single point light sourcediminishes square the distance ittravels you're going wait wait doc Ididn't want to learn this I really justwanted to learn this video stuff andediting and education to put it togetherto teach my client something well westill have to think a little bit abouttechnology and technology is aided by usbeing more perfect on the front endinstead of the back end so if we wantedto change the temperature these lightsnot physically but the distance of thelights so there was a little cooler onthe background less intensity we knowthat if we kept them in an even planeaccording to inverse square law everytime we double the distance so they'reabout two feet away if I move them outto four feet away the light wouldactually change right well we know bymathematics if you're using a cameralike I am all you have to do is open uptwo stops so it's be your exposure levelneeds to open up double that would gainthe same amount of light even thoughwe're not changing the light bulbs oranything we move to distance becauselight travels square the distance so wejust opened up two stars just a littlebit of the mathematics behind how I setthis up to understand that these lightsare the exact same exposure andtemperature as the lights in the frontkind of neat but to fall off on the onesin the back because you'll feel noticedI did for a tour about 16 about 15 16feet away and you'll see that this lightwill travel because of the inversesquare law and I'm gonna reverse thesetup just so you can see it's kind ofmagic we're really not light our screenor bother it in any way or brighten soI'll turn these off and I'll comeforward and you'll notice that ourscreen pretty much went to total dark isalmost totally gone that's how theinverse square law can work for you so Iset that up if I move them out just alittle bit further I can't really do itcuz of the deaths and everything in thisclassroom this whole background willtotally disappear we wouldn't seeanything at all so it's kind of a neatwave we don't need itperfect but if you think about it's agreat rule of thumb to understand how todo thatyou can do it visually too but if youreally want mathematically to be perfectI should just kind of doing that now onthis end on the front in the videoaspect in broadcast world I would becalled Talentand you'll see right here I have a realsmall microphone that I bought offAmazon it cost about I think 16 dollarsthere's a really cheap one you can buycheap as possible mine also has anaspect in itso it's a little bit more expensive andyou can see it has a little pickup or ajack in here which is battery-operatedwhich magnifies my sound so I can getreally rich sound which I put right intomy iPhone and plug it in or the camerawhich I'm doing today another fly one ofthe great things too about this and I'mgonna just show you this if you look atthis now there's two different lightingsources this is called Rembrandtlighting source Heights the right likethe painter used to do and they'd havethese soft or harsh shadows on one sidegreat light kind of giving that heavenlythou art effect you'll see a lot oftheoretics will do this and they'll comeinto the lights of the dark comes outthis is called butterfly lighting whenwe add a second at the now at the 45degree angles for the 90 you'd see areal soft indicative shadow if I didn'thave a beard here of like a littlebutterfly wings if you did it correctlyas well and it sets up so evenly partedon both sides of my face how we sawbefore our setup for a real nice softeasy to go complexion and rememberthey're balanced with our back lightsbecause we did an inverse-square rulewhich you don't have to I'm not gonna bethat nitpicky but I want you just torecognize that you need a little bit ofdistance between the lights but they gotto be equal in the same bulbs andeverything has to be equal if you'reusing two setups now at home I do assimple as I have a little light on mydesk which is one of those bendableattractable 's and I just pointed to thecorner of the room where my desk is on awhite walls and if you think about itthat does the same effect I make two 45swith one little light one light bulbbounces and refracts and comes on me inlights the costs zero it was a lightalready hat you can do the same thingwith a light Bob put a little bit of ascreen if you don't have it in front ofyou a pillowcase works great don't catchit on fire by setting it in there Isuggest you tape it on the wireframe anduse a coat hanger just to push it out ina way I have a little japanese-stylelight as well in my office a lot of youguys are seeing when you come in there Ijust simply move it over it has a papercover over it that goes from floor tolength and I'll turn it on and stand infront of it and talk and it just spreadsa real nice because it's round softlight on me and works the same so we canuse household objects we don't need tobuy fancy lights this whole thing wasunder $100 if you're planning on beingin management and doing some of thisstuff down the road I strongly suggestif some of you want to come in I canmake arrangements this summer too or inthe fall whenever you're around andSprings to actually use some of thisstuff they'd love to have you guys comein like some of these other greatstudents have done today - it's actuallytest and try it out but that's kind ofthe key part of the lighting situationfor our goal so I'll turn these back onnow you'll notice that when I walkforward you're going to see that thatbackground is slightly warmer and I wantthat intentionally because rememberwe're gonna take away this green laterand actually throw me in the matrix I'mgoing to change it so that I take it outand premiere and I'll show you how to dothis and cut it and drop it in andoverlay so that I'll be in the front allthis will disappear and it will bereally cool so we'll do one justdropping it out in the picture and I'mgoing to change the camera view a littlebit here in a minute and I'm actuallygoing to set it up so that you can seewhat I would do in a regular recordingand talk about this and then in theediting suite will actually cut this andyou'll see it live cutting - so I'mgoing to stop just for a second on thisobjects and I'm gonna rearrange mycamera but you're not really gonna seeit because I'm gonna cut it in the videoon the back endso if you guys noticed that I kind ofchanged my view a little bit on thecamera and what I did was just fill thiswhole screen in with our all truckI really haven't changed too much but ifyou'll notice the lighting on me haschanged up oh gee darn rightso maybe what I should do it's just realquick move my lights just a little bitand I'm gonna use that inverse-squarerule because I already know because Icheated and I have a kind ofpre-measured out to where I kind of gota B just to bring that light and alittle bit better on me and I can seereal nice now and you guys can see mepretty good I'll pull this one in youcan't see them are outside of the cameraframes and I'll light myself just so I'ma little bit better now you should beable to see me really well the lightskind of neutral our backgrounds just alittle bit warmer still with our ultrakey I'm fitting totally inside of ourframe and pretty soon I'm going to makeit all disappear and I'll be in thematrix I'll drop out and I will lookincredible this is something you can dojust for your clients and as you'retalking just like they do in televisionand movies they'll actually add in videoor photos and stills to talk about themthey can shrink them down and put themin little corner or dead areas of thegreen-screen if they want or the wholebackground we're gonna do just a pieceon a clip that I bought fromShutterstock we'll drop it in becauseit's pretty cool of text and code flyingaround so it looks like I'm in thematrix so you'll see that pop up insideof this video itself and you'll actuallysee how I drop that in so I'm gonna dothat pretty quick and we'll start doingthat probably about now hey gang I'm inthe matrix can you believe thisincredible so if you watch the videoyou'll see what I'm doing and I'll showyou how to cut that in and it'll bepretty wild overall so I'm gonna talkabout this and you're gonna hear me talkabout it in the video it's going to bepretty neat so the gang this is kind ofa really cool trick you can do to dropin really enhance your videos youreducation to add an extra elementeven if it's outside and you want to dosomething stormy if you take a picturelike I did before the campus I can dropmyself in so it looks like a sunny day Ilit myself so it looks nice on purposejust it's like a sunny day the same wayand I can put myself in that elementI'll probably show you one of thosetricks here - thanks guys I'm gonna showyou a little bit more and you'll hearmore on the video side it's coming upsoon we'll talk again soon thanks

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