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Interior designer Keeley Green and artist Amanda Ferragamo on set for Ailanto Design

Q: Talk us through some of your collaborations with Keeley through Ailanto?We did an exciting one...We did a really exciting one in the north of England, which is where I come from originally.Keeley did an amazing thing with bringing thegarden into the house and the house into the garden.It's really worked extremely well, and your flowing staircase which is wonderful. Going from the staircase under the ground to a fantasticcinema and other things and using ourAilantoJuggler down there, and the other ones in the bedroom and everything, it really really worked welland I was so happy to see it in this new context.I think the thing was it was the perfect project for Ailanto, the house was all natural and stone and woodand paneling and so, we were able to use our botanicals.Exactly. I'm a garden freak sothere you go, it was good. It was a very good combination. It worked really well.

Keeley and Amanda love to collaborate using Ailanto’s luxury fabrics and wallpapers.

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