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[Music]I've been working on this project forabout two years now and I'm thrilled tofinally be able to share it it's been areal labor of love with some fantasticclients the goal this time around was tohelp them achieve the dream home thatthey'd always wanted to have in thespace and really just make the wholehouse gel together when you entered thehouse before it felt really tight therewas a little bit of an entryway and thena doorway that you walked throughtowards the kitchen so we blew out thedivision between the foyer and the restof the kitchen and we did continuousmillwork starting at the front closet itruns all the way through to a coffee barat the back with a breakfast nook itjust really connects everything andmakes it feel like it's flowing it pullsyou through the space and out towardsthe backyardthe kitchen was kind of a galley kitchenbefore it was very tight there's also alot of sort of awkward angles because ofthe shape of the lot and the setbacksrequired from the neighbors so customcabinetry was the only way to solve theproblem we really needed to go floor toceiling with pantries appliances andfill the kitchen because the homeownersloved to cook there in this space allthe time we connected the living room inthe dining room the same way that theyhad previously flowed together they havea lot of dark furniture and so I thoughtit was really important that when westyled up the living room we kept thingsa little brighter a little fresher wefound this fantastic William Morrisinspired pattern it's got a darkbackground and then these beautiful pinkred flowers on them I think that allowedus to keep the room feeling traditionalbut then by doing things like a brightercarpet a lighter slipcover on the sofaand bringing the gold in the armchairsit allowed us to freshen it up whilekeeping those traditional profiles weoriginally found a gal berry simplewallpaper with these pretty little birdson it that we just fell in love with andthat was the starting point for therenovation of this bathroom the laundryrooms in the basement and it's not ahuge space so we wanted to keep itpretty fresh not go too dark we did someaccent hardware again bringing thatearnest through the rest of the housebut otherwise it's light it's brightit's cheerful and it's just a nice spaceto do laundry on working with theseclients has been an absolute dream andwhen a client lets go and trust in theprocess it can have such fantasticresults so there's one thing that I havehad to let go of we built this beautifullook at the front door that's comingupholstered bench and these wonderfulheavy black hooks they look absolutelyfantasticthe husband actually drilled a screwinto the side of the door frame right atthe front door just an unfinished screwand that's where the dog leash shanks[Music]

Interior Design Traditional Home Design – interior design — traditional home design.
interior design – a traditional living room with 1930s glamor. japanese traditional house interior design, pure and peaceful.

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