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hey guys welcome back to live your styleI'm Sarah and it is officially fallwhich means not only is it gonna getcolder not only do we get to putsweaters on and drink pumpkin spicelattes but we get to redecorate which ismy favorite thing evernot so much Tyler's but of course mineso I went to a couple of my favoritestores picked up a couple differentthings to spruce up my space for fall sothis video is going to kind of be a haulbut I didn't want to just do a basichaul I wanted it to kind of be like youknow instructing and teaching at thesame time so some of the points you guyshave heard me say before but theprinciples are always kind of the sameit's just the way that you execute itthat feels different so I will give youguys five tips and we will get startedand jump right into this video aftery'all hit the subscribe buttonthumbs up this video the question of thevideo is what is your favorite thingabout fall or maybe what's your favoritelike Starbucks drink during fall youpick one of those an answer below okayguys let's get started number one changeup your color palette okay so we're justleaving summertime a lot of you guysmight have those light airy colorpalettes like I do our color was blueI'm not getting rid of the blue I'm justadding in a darker tone to it I lovethis burgundy deep color because ittransitions really easily in toChristmas and all the winter time stufffall is kind of like a short season sospending a whole bunch of money on stuffthat's like orange and like only fallkind of I think defeats the purpose oftrying to be transitional throughout theseasons in the months so if you getstuff that you could use then forChristmas of course you'll add more forChristmas that feels a little bit moreChristmasy I think you'll be in a goodplace and that's what I'm going to do soI found this really cozy knit it's likeknit on one side and then the softfleece on the other it's so cozy andthen I also so you guys know I've hadthis vase in my bookcases usually withthese fake greens which does feel prettyspringy but when I had this deeper colorburgundy like purpley Brown into it Idefinitely it adds another level andtexture to it and kind of makes it youknow feelmore appropriate for fall time if youcould just kind of add that pop of colorand kind of strings it throughout thehouse which I live and these I found atTarget it's all income below for youguysnumber two switch out your vases okay soI'm gonna make it really easy for youguys okay and I told you when we didthat how to decorate your bookshelf thevideo you guys should take everythingout of your book shell to start with aclean surface and you know start fromscratch I think that's great to do oncea year unless you want to do it everyseason but you don't have to in mybookshelves I had these two beautifulcrystal cross-like bottles I replacethem with these beautiful amber browncolor jars and they kind of have thesame feel once higher ones lower andthey look perfect so I still use thesame concept that I originally had onthat shelf and just replaced it with thedarker version of it if that makes senseand then there are times where insteadof having a picture frame I wanted toput a bowl somewhere but you just haveto make sure you're still balanced youstill want to use the principles andmaking sure you don't have like threepots all in a row on one side and abunch of books on the other mix it upand make it different and if you wantmore tips on how to decorate bookshelfI'm gonna link that video below you guyscan check that video out and get all thetips that you're gonna need to make yourbookcases look real good you can evenuse pumpkins like the top of mybookshelf it's a very large but pumpkinbut it's white in brown and totally myaestheticI also swapped out any of those bluelike sea glass vases that I had or placethem with a darker brown wood vase andit gave the same exact kind of like vibeand height size that I was looking forbut definitely added another element andnatural element which i think is alwaysgood to bring in the natural elementsfor fall like wood and cotton and allthat kind of stuff and just looks reallyprettynumber three add in colored books whichis probably the only time that I amgoing to recommend that you guys buymore than just plain white books youknow me I love white books but I want toknow if you guys seen these do you knowwhere they're from where I got them andif you do add it in the comments belowand if you don't know and you want toknow click the link cuz I'm gonna linkthem so you guys can find it but theyare not just books they're actuallyreally cool they're like full-onjournals so you guys can get some otheruse out of them and not just using thisdecorthat element of another color reallyhelps you deepen your color palette it'sanother fun way to add heights andlevels and textures and still use whitebooks just add in another fallish colorlittle mustard and brownthe fourth thing that I got for fall wasan awesome signage board and I waslooking for really cute fun phrases forfall you know it follows like the besttime to find these types of thingsbecause they've got really funny sayingsor really sweet sayings like okay I'mlooking at one right now give thanks nowthe one is be grateful for everythingbut then there's also pumpkin spice andeverything nice and if you guys don'tlike any of the little phrases that youfind at a store you can get a letterboard and do it yourself which sort ofdid and it kind of adds that fun littlelike playful moment and you can switchit up every week and have fun with itand then there's also candles which Ihave nothing to do a lot of boards but Ijust realize I never mentioned that andI want to throw that in somewhere getlots of yummy candles you guys if youhaven't tried leaves at Bath & BodyWorks it does the scent for fall andlast but not least number five finddifferent fall entertainment item piecesfor all of your parties coming up sofall is the beginning of theentertainment season where you havepeople over for dinner you're hostingpotluck survival studies or whatever andit's kind of a good time to think aheadof the game that way you're prepared andpeople come over but just getting littlethings like look how cute these chargersare okay came in a set of four and Ilove how they're white so it matchesreally my aesthetic and what I love butit has this natural like woodgraintexture to it and it isn't shimmery butit kind of looks like it could maybe belike there's some gold in it orsomething but it just looks reallyorganic natural and a little bit specialbut I could use these year-round I couldpair this when you know with some greensor maybe a runner or something thatfeels a little bit more fall and I thinkit could totally go fall I think itcould totally go spring if I didsomething a little bit lighter and itcould totally go wintery because it'swhite wood which is perfect and they'replastic so I will try to find somethingsimilar I found these guys at HomeGoodsso I can't link them but a lot of peoplehave these types of things but you guyscan also use things like cute specialtynapkins or like I said greenery that yourunthrough the table if you guys saw myvideo last week on how to entertain orhow to host the dinner party I showedyou guys different ways to set the tableand like maybe some different looks ifyou guys are part of the live it journalyou guys definitely saw a whole bunch ofdifferent ways to set a table in thelivid journal depending on if you hadyour in-laws over or if you had aromantic dinner situation or if you justhad a big party with your friends if youguys need help with entertaining tips gocheck that limit journal out because itwas full stuff and it was really reallygood if I do say so myself but yeah justbe thinking ahead and get some thingsthat'll be great for hosting a party andgreat for entertaining that make yourtable look special like you put sometime into it and I think people willappreciate it and it just feels more funwhen you do it that way anywayoh and get more candles for that one toobecause candles and entertaining theykind of go hand-in-handthank you guys so much for watching Ihope that you guys loved this video itinspired you to get fallish and go outand get some stuff to make your homefeel super cozy I want to know what youguys are doing to decorate your placesfor fall so leave me your comments belowdon't forget to answer the question ofthe video which is what is your favoritething about fall or what's your favoritefall Starbucks drink if you want toanswer that and if you guys haven'tsigned up for the live it journal yet goahead and click the link below find outmore about it we have an amazing live atjournal entry for you guys for fall thisweek and there's some fun littleelements in there that you do not wantto miss if you haven't liked this videoyet give it a thumbs up okay guys thanksfor watching I hope you have a wonderfulfall season and I will see you next week[Music]

I feel so much more excited for fall after updating my apartment! I hope this video helped inspire you to make those little changes in your home to make it feel more cozy and ready for fall too. Don’t forget to comment below what your favorite thing about fall is, or your favorite Starbucks drink during fall. I need some new ordering ideas!

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