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Interior Design Styles- Part 2

Welcome to “El- Designer”!

“El Designer” Is an online show that speaks about design in general; Interior Design in particular that is aired in arabic via “You Tube” presented by Architect and Designer “Jillan Zaher”.

It helps you to design your space in an economic and smart way that suites your budget, your taste and your lifestyle whether you are going to do it on your own or with the help of an actual Interior Designer.

It ‘s your trusted guide in the design industry in Egypt as it discusses New trends, New Products, Suppliers, Materials, Exhibitions, even Fellow designers, almost everything related to any design.

El Designer is accessible through This You Tube Channel , Facebook Page ” El Designer”… , and Instagram @eldesigner_online 🙂

In this episode we are discussing some of the most common interior design styles and how to apply them at home !

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