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[Music]hi my name's Phil and I live here withmy wife Maria hi and my son Gabriel andthis is made from our ID meter spray wewere looking for a new home we saw thisplace love the size of it love theoutdoor space but it did need a lot ofwork doing - we did an online researchand we found few interior designers andwe felt that out of all of them metresquare it was the best they showed ussome designs and some photos and theytalked to us about what are theirvisions and we actually loved itafter the discussion of the design partwe actually make a trip to come down tothe house and we take a look of theassisting how how is that till you looklike so from there we actually proposewhat are the things that we should thecar and what are the items that weshould onso basically come to the house is thecondition are really of very badly Imean we take out all the ceiling we takeon the floor and then the bathroom orthe three bathroom we actually move andalso we have off the kitchen to make ita kitchen as a open-concept feel so thethe thing we were looking for is anindustrial retro we love the brick wallsremind us of our some of the time in theUK and some of the old properties thatwe've stayed in my favorite pieces isthe kitchen I really really like thekitchen wouldn't change anything therethe second favorite piece is probablythe living area opening up through thegarden it's just a great place to chillarea the weekend it's the same with me Ilove the kitchen the moles and and theirnext sister living room because I lovethe brick walls so when we open thedoors it feels like that our house inAustralia it was like really breezyI think we've been really surprisedwe've been used to living places whereyou have there Conner on all the timehere we we don't have the aircon on atall downstairs and you get a really nicebreeze through and with the familiesit's great so when we were doing thebathrooms we found that little bit hardjust trying to figure out exactly whatit was that we wanted different visionchanged our minds a few times but theycame in to sort of help us yesneither person that's a directioner yeahyeah so one of my requirements in themaster bedroom is to have a walk-inwardrobe and I have a vision in mind sowhen I spoke to May she showed me somethe science which I love and then duringthe renovation process we we wanted tohave a full glass door on the walk-inwardrobe and we thought that technicallywe cannot make it another day weactually are managed to customize thefull height of sliding door to actuallymatch up marine vision amongrecommendations for other homeowners Ithink would be to take some time upfront go through the magazines cut thearticles down for the magazines thepictures that you like put it alltogether listen to your interiordesigner and trust your interiordesigner I think we highly recommendmeter square it was great working withthem and they were very open to ourideasto our vision we faced some issues butthey were able to manage you know solvethe problems really well and they go waybeyond our request it was it was it wasgreat working with you may thank youvery much actually our big achievementis actually when we see the owner happywith our new house Thank You m9 thanksfor everything man yo yo

Singapore Interior Design Meter Square’s Project Home tour #2



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Modelled after an NYC loft, this condominium unit by Meter Square features a bold interplay of edgy textures and sleek design lines.

Urban meets warehouse in this resale condominium unit where its homeowners specified for an industrial style. To make the space more welcoming than raw and cold-looking, Design Director May Chang and Design Consultant Lvin Cheok from Metre Square injected warm neutral colours and a lavish measure of brick wall tiles. This is reflected in the open-plan communal zones where boundary walls were hacked away for a family-friendly space that’s also conducive for hosting company.

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