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Interior Design Secrets for Small Spaces

[Music]when you're downsizing your home to asmaller space it's important to keep inmind that not all your furniture fitscustom furniture is a great route totakewhen I was brought on to help my clientwith this space it was a challenge thisspace is really small it's a cozy littleden living space where my client spendsall of their time we had to find a sofathat fit the space as well as a diningtable it was tricky so what we opted todo was do a custom upholstered sofareally contemporary lines beautifulneutral fabric and flanked it with twocustom end tables finding the pieces tofit the space in the store was quitedifficult we wanted to make sure that wedidn't have pieces that were too big inthe space scale is really important whenyou're designing a small spaceeverything has to fit so we did thecustom sofa and then when we couldn'tfind the end tables that we wanted wealso have those custom-made[Music]we wanted to modernize the space whenyou're downsizing from your family homesometimes the furniture can feel alittle old or dowdy it's great tointroduce new modern elements to make itfeel more current the end tables are agreat example of that the lucite mixwith the shagreen is completely currentvery stylish and adds a nicesophisticated touch the entire diningarea was extremely challenging becauseit was so small we knew we needed around table but all of the round tablesthat existed were either too big or toosmall we also wanted the option to beable to add in leaves to expand thetable for family entertaining we decidedto do a custom dining table modeledafter a table that we saw and fell inlove with sometimes if you see somethingyou love but it just won't fit look atthe idea of having someone make it foryouit wasn't much more costly but it fitsthe space - 18[Music]in this condo there's beautiful hardwoodflooring throughout the space which Ilove but sometimes you need to warm itup so I put an area rug custom area rugsare a great way to define a space andmake you feel at home we opted for abroad loom cut to size custom bound itfits the room perfectly and it reallycomplements the entire scheme rugs addtexture and warmth I always always put arug in every living space I designremember that when you're designing fora small space scale is important thinkabout the furniture you're putting inthe room and if you can't find itgo custom it's completely worth it inthe end same goes for the rug what agreat way to make it feel cohesive andyour own[Music]

Designer Rebecca Hay shares insight on what’s most important when designing in small spaces.

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