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Interior Design – Make Your Home More Appealing to Buyers!

today we are talking interior design himy name is Erica Hutchinson real estateagent Carmel Pebble Beach MontereyPeninsula I have brought my dear friendand colleague Kimberly kay with Kimberlycan tears shout to you about how tospruce up your home really can terriersand I'm here to tell you ten steps onhow to sell your home the first five areone curb appeal make sure that your homehas beautiful flowers in front i'm awelcome back and a nice wreath on thedoor and maybe refresh the paint on yourfront door number two is declutter yourwhole home make sure that all thepersonalized stuff comes down and thatyou have some artwork that's nice in theappropriate areas number three is torefresh your whole interior paint trysherwin-williams bright white to addthat fresh coat and make it bright andairy in your home number four is makesure the room has flow and functionalityso that you can get around all yourplaces and pieces in those spaces and itworks well and last but not least makesure your home is in a smelly place soadd those little plugins and you'll begood to go stay tuned because kim and iwill be back next week to give you fivemore tips on how to judge up your homebye

Today, were talking interior design! Are you looking to make your home more appealing to buyers? Or just looking to love the space you live in a little bit more? Here are 5 easy tips to sprucing up your home. Stay tuned, because we’ll be back next week with 5 more simple tips!

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