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Interior Design Ideas For a Modern Home – Seatbealt Chair by Designer Nuttapong

hi I am Julie solaro Santos presidentand interior designerat em h2g furniture today I willintroduce you to one of our most iconicpieces ethnic culture created byprestigious tidy signer not uponscharwenka Tavera corn this Tony shareresembles cotton tiptoe slipped in acrisscross pattern original shell wasdesigned in 2005 and is handmade inThailandthis chair is very at any of our storessee you next time[Music]

International interior designer Julissa De los Santos talks about the Seatbealt Chair designed by Thai designer, Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn, the Seat Belt Rocking accent chair is part of a larger collection of work, “The Sculpture”. This stunning chair resembles cotton seat belts waved in a crisscross pattern. The original chair was designed in 2005 and is hand made in Thailand. The collection includes lounge chair, ottoman, dining chair and barstool among other pieces. Available in red, Orange, White, Grey, Green and Blue/Black colors. See design also available as Dining chair or Ottoman.

Dimensions:30″W x35″D x31″H

The Green Seatbelt Dining Chairs were featured in the The Hunger Game Movie.



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