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so hey you guys and welcome back to mychannel today we are going to bepainting I am so excited but this videois sponsored by Sharon Williams and thisis going to be part one of a four-partseries which I hope you guys already soright now I am at the garage door I'mshowing you how 30 that door looks isgoing to get a new fresh coat of paintyou guys the first thing that I'm gonnastart doing is applying the tape aroundthe doors just so that way I don't getpaint on the current paint now which isthe final grade also from SharonWilliams and also on the cabinetand here is the finished door whichlooks so good and I'm so excited to goahead and start painting then I'm gonnago ahead and duck to the door leadingout to the garage of course I'm gonna goahead and repeat the same measures so Idon't get any paint on that gray color[Music]so now that I have all of the doorstaped down I'm gonna be going in withthe Sharon Williams Emerald urethanetrim enamel on the second video I willbe sure to go in more detail about thepaint but right now I just want to breakdown what I'm doing on this first partvideo as you can see there's a detail onthe door what I'm doing is is going inwith the rooster shortcut brush andmaking sure that I'm staying in line topaint that detail I'm gonna do two coatsof that around the trim and it's goingto go on the interior facing the housein the exterior door the one that'sfacing the garage and once comes on withthe two coats of the paintbrush intothose detail areas I am then gonna go inwith the roller in just in case I forgotto mention the color is iron or by ShawnWilliams a lot of you must take thecolor for being black but it's actuallya charcoal gray color so moving rightalong here I am at the front door I didslow down the footage a bit you guys Igot so excited that I started paintingbefore I could show you even though Iclean all the time the front door juststayed really dirty going in with theiron ore is not only going to save metime but it's also going to help withthe appearance of the door moving rightto the last door that's going to begoing in with that Sharon Williams ironore is the patio door and I am so happythat I remember to show you guys what itlooked like before I painted because nowthat spring is here and summer isshortly around the corner this door isgoing to be the door that's probablygoing to be getting more action than anydrawer in the house and as you can seeyou can already see a little bit yourfinger prints on the door because thekids play outside they run they comeback in the house that iron ore I'mtelling you it is saving my life thedoors now have been painted for aboutthree to four days and I am absolutelyloving itoMG you guys okay so I literally justput down all of the plastic to covereverything to finish painting yeah I'mso excited and everything is taped downin this area which is like the guestarea here the bathroom and also thefloor yes Bobby the moment I'm sure alot of you guys have been waiting forall of the plates are gonna be goingback and I just kind of wanted to showyou the law really quickly there's somelittle details here they were nail popsall throughout the wall here and nowpops here and nail pops so the guy camein and fixed all the nail pops not notthe builders people we hired our ownpeople and they came in and did all thenail pops but you see how dirty the wallis and I cleaned all the time all thetime but the boys have a tendency tojust touch this instead of touching herebut really quickly all of this is gonnaget a new fresh coat of paint also justto brighten it up and then this mostdefinitely is going to get our freshcoat of paint again just to brighten itup you can see that but as you can seethere were some Nicks and scuffs fromthe movers moving furniture in here sothat had to be patched up and it's gonnaget sanded today I'm gonna go ahead andseeing that this right here is gonna getsanded and all of that and then thisright here is gonna get sanded but thiswhole entire hallway is gonna get a newpaint when you actually move in close tolook at it that's when you can reallysee the damage and stuff cuz talkingabout it and sometimes telling you guysyou know like Nadia what are youcleaning but you can definitely see itlike I said the kids tend to toucheverything everything so now that you'veseen the hallway I'm gonna go ahead andstart covering everything the obvioushallway is done I'm gonna be going inwith that plastic protectant and I'mgoing to be cutting it into a muchsmaller square units so I can go aroundthe wood spindles on the staircasebecause I don't want any paint gettingon the stairs in the future I am goingto restain it again just because I havelike little Nick's and things like thatfrom moving furniture in just a normalway and taraf going up and down thesteps[Music]but I'm gonna go ahead and tapeeverything down so that way I can goahead and protect the area from anypaint splatters or any spills of anysort while the work is getting done tothe house[Music]here is a quick glimpse of the beforeand again you're gonna be seeing thatafter in the second part video but Ihave been waiting so long to give thisarea a fresh coat of paint and I'mtelling you if you have never tried itthe Emerald urethane trim is amazing youguys so now we're back in the garageand the door has the paint so if youwere wondering why I needed to do a fourpart video it's because I have so muchinformation that I want to share withyou guys not only to the house go undergetting a new coat of paint but I alsoended up changing the handles on thedoors there goes my Sun peeking in thehole so one of the things that I want toshare with you guys are going to be thenew locks that went on the door and alsothe new handles I decided to go from akey to a keyless entry into our home Ijust feel like it was gonna be a wholelot easier just for the kids to haveaccess when I thought about any keys oranything like that so I want to sharethat with you guys I want to share withyou a really quick glimpse of the doorone last time and I'm so happy becausehere on camerayou can really see that iron ore and seethat is a charcoal gray and not blackand then the black handle which I lovethat's pretty much all you guys[Music]

This video is sponsored by Sherwin Williams.

For as long as I’ve been sharing my home you all know Sherwin Williams has been my go to place for paint. This month I had an opportunity to try something new EMERALD URETHANE TRIM ENAMAL, and I must day I’m in love. With every stroke the fingerprint history in our home was gone. In today’s video I’ll be sharing the 1st process so please enjoy.

Steps to painting
1. clean area well
2. tape surrounding walls
3. lightly sand the area
4. paint
5. watch paint dry… lol
6. take pics to show off your hard work to everyone
7. side eye the cleaning process
8. still side eyeing
9. side eye some more
10. CLEAN… like your life depended on it. 😁

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