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hi I'm Marni Worman from interior designhouse we've been really fortunate to beable to service Burlington and thesurrounding area for almost 30 years nowin home furnishings and decor we offer afull interior design service where twoof our designers come out to your hometell you more than you probably everwanted to know about it and then we meetback in the store as many times as ittakes to help bring your vision to lifeworking within your budget to reflectyour lifestyle and your color choicesand how you'd like to live and weactually save you a lot of money in theend because you're not out buying thingstaking them home they don't fit theydon't work and you don't know why theydon't work but when we come out we cantell you exactly why we go through thewhole house with you there may be a muchbetter spot from that picture thatyou've always loved so we might put itin a different room altogether then yousay wow I would have never thought ofputting it there but I love it we thenmeet back in the store and we go overthe bigger picture we know that sort ofthis is where you are this is where youwant to end up and these are the stepswe have to take to get there all basedof course on your time frame and mostimportantly your budget and we don'tcare if it takes five months or threeyears to get you where you want to be wekeep you on target so you're not outmaking it random impulse purchases whichin the end cost you money and you're notgoing to get the results you wantwe also accessorize so after we furnishyour home we come out with truckload ofaccessories and we place everything wemove your pieces around and then weaugment it with new often people standback and say wow I wouldn't have pickedthis but I absolutely love it so I'dlove you to consider having us come outpay a visit to your home and let us tellyou everything that it can beyou[Music]

One of the things that sets IDH apart, is our In-Home Design & Accessorizing services. Rather than muddle through the process of decorating your home, invite our team to come over to your place, learn about you and your lifestyle, and create a personalized design plan based on your space. We will save you time, money and frustration!

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